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dRofus 5/10/21 6:08 PM

dRofus is Silver Sponsor at Future of Construction Summit

dRofus is Silver Sponsor at the upcoming Future of Construction Summit which will be held ...
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dRofus 4/21/21 1:22 PM

Introducing: Innovator Basecamp

Innovator Basecamp is a  series of innovation talks hosted by the people behind the most ...
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dRofus 3/25/21 1:03 PM

dRofus now included on the Hong Hong CITF BIM software pre-approved list

  dRofus – in conjunction with local HK agent Forida - recently completed the process of ...
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dRofus 3/17/21 11:57 AM


この度、dRofusは、日本での需要の高まりと、ご利用者様にお応えし、dRofusソフトウェアの日本語版のリリースを発表できることを嬉しく思います。   ...
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dRofus 3/15/21 11:32 AM

Getting Inside: dRofus for Interior Finishes

The dRofus APAC User Group recently held their first Asia Pacific dRofus Online User ...
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dRofus 3/11/21 11:17 AM

10th Annual Australian Healthcare Week

After a challenging 12 months, it’s nice to (in part) get back to some form of normality ...
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dRofus 2/26/21 11:02 AM

[Webinar] Demystifying COBie UK

What really is COBie, how is it being used and what does it mean to deliver it?  
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dRofus 1/27/21 12:00 AM

dRofus AB and Insikt Digital Sapiens AB sign cooperation agreement in Sweden

Insikt's mission is to bridge people with technology and dRofus does just that by ...
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dRofus 1/26/21 12:00 AM

The Key to Kingaroy Hospital: Documentation Alignment, Change Tracking & More...

We recently interviewed our Australian client Conrad Gargett in relation to their past, ...
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