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dRofus11/16/21 8:59 AM1 min read

Creating Consistent Data in Asset Management - an Owners Perspective

At our recent Innovator Basecamp, Karl Fitzpatrick from Auckland International Airport Limited (AIAL) explained the role that dRofus is playing in the evolution of information management at the Airport.

As digital assets are created, many owners are seeing issues in a proliferation GIS and BIM modelled data as well as huge amounts of file-based information.

Karl talks about how AIAL is aiming to resolve this via the use of dRofus as a “data normalisation hub” with the ultimate aim of a fully connected Built Asset Information Management System.

As an owner wanting to manage assets with model/file overload this presentation is a “how-to guide” to see the wood from the trees on creating consistent data on your buildings.

View the recorded presentation below. 

About Karl Fitzpatrick 

Auckland_Airport_Karl FitzpatrickNew Zealand born and educated Project Architect & BIM Manager/Strategist. With a life-long passion for architecture & urban design, my current focus is on developing and implementing a strategy to digitize current and future built assets at Auckland Airport, to improve the delivery of $2 Billion+ NZD Capital Works Infrastructure and create a Digital Twin for real-time Asset Management in the process.

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About Innovator Basecamp 

Innovator Basecamp is a  series of innovation talks hosted by the people behind the most trail-blazing projects in the AECO Industry. 

From our conversations with BIM and digital AECO innovators across EMEA, we have heard stories of trailblazers going beyond the known technological territory using existing tools. They find new ways to collaborate, connect digital tools and push beyond the limits, resulting in more efficient and successful projects than ever before. We want to provide a platform for these stories and experiences to be told, to drive the industry forward as a whole.