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dRofus10/25/21 4:00 PM

How dRofus Enables the Golden Thread of Information at Takenaka


Takenaka Corporation is a large Japanese design and construction conglomerate with a history dating back to the early 17th Century. The Takenaka ethos is “to enhance dialog with stakeholders and turn dreams into reality through urban creation, and connect a sustainable society to the future.  

As a part of this ethos – and as an industry leader wanting to drive change - Takenaka has identified “seamless data flow” on major projects as a major unresolved issue.  

dRofus has been deployed at Takenaka with the aim of enabling a full building lifecycle data workflow. From early planning until handover, the data is maintained and enriched in a single, secure and collaborative space. This has resulted in some exemplar projects that can be seen by the wider AEC/O industry as a benchmark in nature. 

With 20 years of AEC/O experience, dRofus is the “one tool for all stakeholders”. The software enables stakeholders to collaborate data throughout all stages of the building lifecycle.  Something we describe as  “Building Lifecycle Intelligence TM”.  

In this presentation, recently delivered at the buildingSmart International summit, Chris Razzell, Managing Director of dRofus, provides an overview of the software and how its concept is driving change in the digital AEC/O landscape. Following this, Tomonori Hiyama San describes Takenaka’s journey and vision so far and demonstrates - with specific projects as a reference  - how dRofus has enabled “data flow” with full lifecycle data management a.k.a Lifecycle Building Intelligence TM.  

The golden thread of information is as achievable.

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