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dRofus3/20/24 3:00 PM

dRofus Demonar Series

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dRofus is the leading software solution in data planning and management in the architectural, engineering and construction industry. Designed to optimise efficiency and foster collaboration, it empowers stakeholders to streamline their workflows and deliver exceptional results. Whether you're an architect, owner, engineer, BIM manager or project manager, the dRofus Demonar Series enables you to explore the additional values that dRofus can bring to your projects.

For this demonar series, we sort user feedback and came up with the top 8 subjects they would like us to explore. The key feedback was that the demonar sessions had to be a thorough deep dive that are no more than 15 minutes and are easy to digest.

With the challenge set, we have decided to deliver a wide range of key features and functions within dRofus. These include room data sheets (both basic and advanced sessions), dynamic graphical user interface (dynGUI), BIM linking (both via models and IFC) ,validation and many more. We showed how the many features of dRofus can come together in project critical workflows. Furthermore, its bi-directional data synchronisation with other BIM tools can create successful project outcomes across many disciplines.

By taking the demonar classes, you can transform your projects by simplifying complex data management workflows and tasks, coordinating design changes, tracking changes, minimising errors, saving time and ultimately gaining better control on your project. 

Below is a full list of the demonar sessions. So why not dive in now and see how dRofus can take your projects to a new level.

The dRofus Room Data Sheet explained

Learn more about Room Data Sheets (RDS) such as what they are and what they contain, which parties are involved in their creation and what building types typically use them and their relevant purposes.


Linking dRofus Attributes to Model Parameters

Start off with understanding what BIM Linking is and the parties that are involved in synchronizing. Then dive into Rooms and FF&E Linking, dRofus BIM Linking vs Manual Referencing and the Best Practice of linking model(s) to Database or Database to Model(s).


Design Validation Brief vs Design

Important project validation workflows in dRofus such as Room Area validation, Room content & quantity validation and Room Data - Item Checks.


Managing data between IFC models & dRofus - Part 1 of 2

Demonstrate the use of IFC models with dRofus data, focusing on connecting and managing data between the two.


Effective Utilisation of IFC for dRofus Client & Web - Part 2 of 2

A further look into the IFC theme and dig deeper into the utilisation of IFC within dRofus Client and dRofus Web.


Effective Use of dRofus Web

Sharpen and expand your day-to-day activities such as updating and reviewing data, producing reports and on site validation with dRofus Web.


dRofus Dynamic Graphical User Interface

Setup your inhouse information requirements as custom fields in dRofus with the DynGUI. Consolidating all your non geometric data regardless of data type resulting in client specific WYSIWYG pdf reports which require no more post production.


Customising Room Data Sheets

Generate a room data sheet using our NEW customizable report template. Putting design and function layout back in your hands and removing onerous post production in your RDS generation workflow.