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dRofus12/16/21 2:04 PM

The Inaugural dRofus Vikings North America Retreat


Welcome Vikings!

dRofus has recently established an esteemed cohort that acknowledges the contribution, advocacy, and support of key valued individuals from some of our most important clients. We call this the dRofus Vikings Program.  

The inaugural dRofus Vikings North America Retreat kicked off last week in Nashville, with representatives from EliisDon, JLL, HDR, and LS3P in attendance. The engagement kicked off on Thursday night with a happy hour followed by a visit to a local BBQ restaurant, allowing participants to get to know each other while sampling some of Tennessee’s finest delicacies. On Friday, the group reconvened for two sessions which featured a series of presentations from both dRofus employees and Vikings.


Peek behind the curtain

The morning session, run by dRofus, focused on our product roadmap, recently released features and the new report module. Several Vikings commented that they were not only thankful to get a preview of what was coming but excited to get their hands on the coming improvements! In addition, having an understanding of what was coming allowed our customers to think about how their internal implementations would need to be managed in order to position their firms for success.


Show and tell

After a delicious lunch, several of our Vikings showcased what they have been doing with dRofus at their firms. This provided an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the potential of dRofus and led to some excellent discussions about future development, including suggestions for several integrations with other AEC/O products.

Looking Forward

While the pandemic impacted the ability for more Vikings to attend, all agreed that it was great to connect in person to not only learn but share their thoughts about dRofus’ role in the AEC/O industry. With that in mind, we are looking forward to 2022 and the potential to expand the agenda to provide an even better experience for our valued customers.