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dRofus6/10/21 7:01 AM

dRofus - A Better Way

Many BIM software promotions focus on the software and its features. With the dRofus - A Better Way video, we have tried to take a new approach and view the software not from the computer screen but from the effect it can have on the people in a project meeting.

In real time, we can see how confusion caused by data in different places, different versions, different formats can soon derail a meeting and affect the people involved. We hope you will watch this and recognise some of the traps and pitfalls that can occur and will see how quickly and effectively dRofus can turn things around.


Data Centric Approach to BIM

All stakeholders can efficiently create and manage data, without having to use a design tool, they can enrich the model and easily maintain the data during the project and operational stages. This provides seamless cross-discipline data aggregation and collaboration for the full building lifecycle.

Stakeholder Collaboration

dRofus is a cloud-based software that enables consolidation of disparate data sets and convert them into project information, insight and intelligence accessible to all project stakeholders on the same platform.

Single Source of Truth

Model data from each discipline is captured, together with planning data, non-geometric data and documents, in a centralized database accessible to all project stakeholders via the dRofus desktop client and dRofus Web.


If you are a BIM guy, a project manager, an engineer, a client or architect and would like to know more about dRofus and want to avoid the chaos of the "Past", please leave your details and our team will follow up shortly.

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