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dRofus7/13/20 12:00 AM

dRofus versus Spreadsheets

drofus vs spreadsheets (1)

Our Asia Pacific team recently held an online webinar exploring the benefits of using dRofus; and specifically, the advantages over a purely spreadsheet-based workflow. Historically spreadsheets have performed an important role on many projects, but as the demands of a more connected, synchronised, and digitally integrated construction industry have increased many of the limitations of spreadsheets have been laid bare. The webinar demonstrates how using dRofus to manage data can enhance a projects delivery and efficiency. We use real time features and benefits to show why we think dRofus eats spreadsheets for breakfast in any BIM based workflow by posing 3 important questions about your projects:

  • Is your spreadsheet data in different places and hard to share?
  • Is this spreadsheet the correct version and are changes logged?
  • Why is my spreadsheet data in different formats and disconnected?

Digging into these features we then demo of the software by taking you on a journey of a humble chair in the design and construct process – and in doing so show how a multitude of spreadsheets can and should be replaced in an efficient dRofus BIM based workflow.

So make your guess now and then watch to see how many spreadsheets dRofus can replace for one chair from initial concept planning to handover!!


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