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dRofus12/11/18 12:00 AM

dRofus 2.2 is LIVE!


Introducing the new dRofus Properties Panel within ArchiCAD! 

We've introduced a new dRofus Properties Panel showing editable data from dRofus, making it much easier to work with type-level dRofus information within ArchiCAD. New features include the linking of Zones with Room and Objects with Items from the panel.. All of the changes made in ArchiCAD can now be tracked with our new change list tracking. 

With the dRofus Properties Panel open, you can select an unlinked zone and select link to dRofus and you’ll find all the dRofus room properties available from within ArchiCAD. All changes made in the dRofus Properties Panel are also updated within ArchiCAD.

There are also several improved features within the dRofus Properties Panel that give you access to dRofus data, including the ability to open Room Data directly within ArchiCAD.


                                     dRofus Properties Panel within ArchiCAD! 

New and better IFC support!
Our current solution with an embedded IFC model server inside the dRofus Client will be terminated by the end of this year. We replaced the solution with a a new and better multi-model visualization in dRofus Web and a local model solution in the client for IFC model viewing and editing.

The dRofus Web Viewer opens a whole new world of sharing all your core building data, program and equipment validations and design models among all your stakeholders – purely web based.
In the Client, we have enhanced our read/write capabilities of IFC files.In the 2.2 version, you can link all attributes on rooms and equipment dynamically between dRofus and the chosen IFC file similar to our support with Revit and ArchiCAD. YYou can visualize a single IFC models in the Client, but if you need to view multiple models, the dRofus Web Viewer is your solution. 
Starting in 2019, new customers will only be using our new solution for IFC support and not dRofus versions released before January 1st 2019. Existing customers can still access the old, previously downloaded, versions of dRofus – but we trust they will realize immediately that our 2.2 version is far better, and upgrade their client to version 2.2!

Through 2019 and beyond, we will strengthen our commitment of supporting open standards. Watch out for new features in our IFC support the coming years.
dRofus 2.2 supports both importing and exporting IFC.
  • Synchronize your room data with an IFC model (client only)
  • Validate rooms, areas and equipment between dRofus and your model
  • Visualize functions, departments, rooms, zone, equipment and room data requirements
  • Augment IFC with dRofus data for contributing client and end users requirements to BIM
  • Powerful multi-model visualization and program validation in dRofus Web.

                                                 IFC support!


Introducing the dRofus Web Viewer!  

When you login to the dRofus web landing page, all of your projects will be listed. You can select Rooms to access the rooms modules and select the Viewer icon at the top right to access the model. 

Our updated Model Manager will scan through the database and the model and give you the results of what percentage of rooms were matching using this configuration. You can also set matching on Occurrences between dRofus and the model as well as Item matching. 

Using the menu below the Viewer, you can select different options to change how the model is represented. If you select one of the function location levels, the colours set in the dRofus client will be represented. You can choose to show the legend that represents the previous options selected. 

If you select a function using the navigation pane only those rooms in the model will be highlighted. You can also use column filters to narrow the selection of rooms.

When you select a room it highlights in the model. If you want to learn more about this room you can select the details icon to see the properties of the room, including the room data. You can also see the items planned in the room. 

When selecting the Zoom icon, you can see the room in 3D. As you select the occurrences, they highlight in the model. You can also click and drag to rotate around the room to see the items in more detail. When you select the modeled elements, they will be highlight in the item list in the room. Those that have a yellow warning icon confirm an item type match has been found, but the quantities are not the same as what have been planned verses what is showing in the model. When you activate the X-Ray mode you can see that only two model elements are showing as highlighted verses the 3 items that have been planned in the occurrence details. 

The improved model viewer knows to only check planned items that were intended to be modeled to check against. 

You can also start in the items module and select an item group, for example furniture. You can then select a single item, like this armchair to find all the rooms where this armchair has been planned. 

You can check each room based on the match status to confirm when rooms are both planned and modeled correctly quickly and with great confidence. You can check the rooms where the red icon tells You that something is missing. You can zoom to the room and confirm that the room has yet to be modeled as a great quality assurance check. 

You can see data that is only in the IFC, but not in dRofus by selecting a room that does not look to be linked to dRofus and select the IFC Data icon. You are able to select a room that is linked to a dRofus room and look at it’s IFC space data as well.  

                                             dRofus Web Viewer.

Read full release notes.


Be sure to tell us what you'd like to see in the future in the comments section below. From integrations with other software to new features - we're all ears!