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dRofus6/4/24 3:41 PM

Meet dRofus Experts at Digitalisering av Byggenæringen 2024

Meet dRofus Experts at Digitalisering av Byggenæringen 2024

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AEC/O activities play a crucial role in Norway's economy, yet the industry is still facing challenges in embracing the potential of digitization. With evolving conditions, standards, and digital tools, it is time for a new era of transformation in the industry. We are excited to announce the participation of dRofus at the upcoming Digitalisering av byggenæringen conference, organized by Computerworld.


Event Details

The conference will be held on June 6 at the Oslo Congress Center. This event brings together industry professionals, experts, and technology enthusiasts to discuss the latest advancements in digitalization and its impact on the construction sector. It is an excellent opportunity to gain insights, exchange ideas, and explore innovative solutions.


Meet the dRofus Team 

- Joachim Halvorsen: Client Solutions Manager, dRofus
Joachim Halvorsen, an industry expert with years of experience in construction technology, will provide valuable insights into how dRofus is currently shaping the AEC/O industry. His expertise in implementing leading digital solutions will shed light on the transformative power of dRofus in streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and enhancing collaboration.

- Thorstein Iversen: Customer Success Manager, dRofus
Thorstein holds a bachelor's degree in technical planning and a civil engineering degree in city and regional planning from the University of Stavanger. His expertise spans constructional engineering and city/regional planning, encompassing both the technical drawing aspects and the regulatory frameworks involved. 


Discover dRofus at Digitalisering av byggenæringen



A unique documentation of Building Lifecycle Intelligence™

The largest construction project on Haukeland in Norway since Sentralblokka was completed in 1983. The project started with phase one in 2011, which was completed in the autumn of 2016. Phase two will be completed by the turn of the year 2022/2023 with occupancy taking place in August 2023 with total investment costs amounting to approximately NOK 5.4 billion (USD 661 million).

The client, Helse Bergen HF, required one master asset database that would connect all data from early planning, through design, engineering and construction, and finally into operation of the Glasblokkene Trinn 2 project. In essence, a golden-thread of information that connects all project phases and stakeholders. With over 20 years of AECO industry experience, and with a strong footing in the healthcare sector, dRofus was an obvious choice to fulfil these requirements. 

Furthermore, dRofus enabled onsite data management for all stakeholders, and through the use of a live dashboard, the owner and key stakeholders were able to see the exact status of the project at any time. 

A unique documentation of why Building Lifecycle Intelligence™ truly represents the future for our industry ! Press play and prepare to be inspired by the Glasblokkene Trinn 2 project.


Data-Driven Design: Transforming Construction Processes

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At dRofus, we strive to help the AEC/O industry work smarter. With our unique planning, data management, and BIM collaboration tool, we provide extensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the entire building lifecycle. Our software was developed specifically for public building owners, offering features that capture client requirements, validate design solutions against those requirements, and facilitate the management of public standards and equipment planning.


A BIM Data Tool for All Stakeholders:


One of the challenges in construction projects lies in consolidating data from various stakeholders who often use different software programs with distinct data schemas. This scattered data, stored across multiple servers and locations, hampers collaboration and hinders reusability. This is where dRofus comes in as an essential tool for BIM projects. Our platform consolidates disparate data sets, converting them into project information, insight, and intelligence accessible to all project stakeholders. With strong integration capabilities with ArchiCAD, Revit, and IFC, dRofus ensures seamless bi-directional data sync, enabling efficient collaboration and enhancing project outcomes.

The Digitalisering av byggenæringen conference presents an opportunity to witness the digital revolution in action and explore the future of construction technology.

See you there!


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