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dRofus6/28/22 11:02 AM

Bespoke Reporting Powered by Our Users

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With over 20 years of experience in the global AEC/O industry, we understand that fast and reliable reporting is vital at all stages of the building lifecycle. The latest improvement to the reporting module ensures that dRofus users have increased flexibility and control when choosing the content that they would like to report. It's important to display the information that actually matters to the receiver of the report. We understand that building owners have different reporting needs than architects, and architects have different reporting needs than engineers. 

The power is now in your hands


We are working towards reducing the need for creating custom reports in 3rd party tools. We started with list reports in our previous update, and now we introduce new detailed reports for Rooms, Items, and Room templates. The new reports are much more flexible in terms of the filters and selection of fields - where you have all properties for Rooms, Items, Room Templates, and any connections and relations to those, to choose from. 

Properties such as... 

• Header
• Repeating header
• Core properties
• Qr Code
• Areas and measurements
• Classifications
• Statuses
• Room and Item Data

An intuitive property picker helps you customise the properties, order, and formatting of each content section. 

When you give the new reporting module a try, please let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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