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dRofus4/21/21 1:22 PM

Introducing: Innovator Basecamp

Why Innovator Basecamp?

From our conversations with BIM and digital AECO innovators across EMEA, we have heard stories of trailblazers going beyond the known technological territory using existing tools. They find new ways to collaborate, connect digital tools and push beyond the limits, resulting in more efficient and successful projects than ever before. We want to provide a platform for these stories and experiences to be told, to drive the industry forward as a whole. 

When will Innovator Basecamp start?

The first event of the series will take place online on the 20th of May. The series of innovator talks will then run over May, June, and July. Be sure to subscribe below to be notified about the launch. 

Who will attend these innovation talks?

For these talks, we are specifically inviting Architects, Engineers, BIM Experts, Building Developers/Owners, and Students who have a passion for pushing existing software and workflows beyond their known limit to achieve our common goals for the future and driving the digitalization of the building industry forward.

When is the next event? 

Innovator Basecamp: Datenmanagement in Großprojekten (German)
2nd June 
Register here: