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dRofus9/3/21 4:58 PM

Register: Innovator Basecamp - Fall Series

The Role of the Digital Built Environment in Asset Management.

22nd September 

New IBC Branding - Official  - Auckland Airport

A review of the Digital Information Strategy at Auckland Airport which formed the basis of the successful 2020 Auckland Airport BuildingSmart Asset Management submission.

The session will discuss key deliverables and review the digital engineering benefits to the long-term development of the airport and surrounds. A “digital twin” of the organisation’s current and future built assets is being created using a range of applications that allow the sharing of information using open standards. 

The scale of Auckland Airport’s infrastructure projects requires digital replicas to support design, construction and management of new and current airport assets. With data management being at the centre of this project, Karl will explain how dRofus is now part of the incremental digital strategy roll out and steps taken so far as part of the technology stack on the project.

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Le projet du Campus Pictet de Rochemont

30th September 

New IBC Branding - Official  - CADatWork

Afin de poursuivre le développement de ses activités, le groupe Pictet a décidé de construire un édifice d’avant-garde au cœur du grand projet urbanistique Praille Acacias Vernets à Genève.

Marjorie Janin présentera le déploiement de la base de données dRofus sur ce projet de référence « Nous souhaitions, sur ce projet, gérer efficacement ce qui est bien trop souvent mis de côté, le I du BIM ‘Information’ par le biais d’une gestion centrale des datas. Pour ce faire, nous avons choisi dRofus afin de mettre à la disposition de tous les intervenants du projet (Maîtrise d’Ouvrage compris) des datas consolidées et fiables à un seul et même endroit.

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Innovation in BIM Education - Developing the Right Skills in a Time Of Change

October 13th


Many would agree there is a gap in Building BIM skills including a lack of fully developed education programs to match the growth in demand for skills and specialisation in the digital building environment.

This presentation will explore the development of a benchmark BuildingSMART accredited University program in Australia. Gabor will explain how the course was innovatively developed, how key BIM tools were incorporated to expose students to the new digital engineering tools, and how they assist continuous improvement. He will explain how dRofus was incorporated into this education program and doing so was seen as filling a missing link in the data management area, leading to the software being described as a “data swiss army knife” of BIM software.

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Frequently asked questions 


Why Innovator Basecamp?

From our conversations with BIM and digital AECO innovators across EMEA, we have heard stories of trailblazers going beyond the known technological territory using existing tools. They find new ways to collaborate, connect digital tools and push beyond the limits, resulting in more efficient and successful projects than ever before. We want to provide a platform for these stories and experiences to be told, to drive the industry forward as a whole. 

When will Innovator Basecamp start?

The first event of the series will take place online on the 22nd of September. The series of innovator talks will then run over September, October, and November.

Who will attend these innovation talks?

For these talks, we are specifically inviting Architects, Engineers, BIM Experts, Building Developers/Owners, and Students who have a passion for pushing existing software and workflows beyond their known limit to achieve our common goals for the future and driving the digitalization of the building industry forward.