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dRofus 4/22/20 12:00 AM

Swedish Firm White Architects Renew Contract with dRofus.

In addition to working with room descriptions and interior design, White Architects intend to use dRofus as a standard tool for working with requirements and RDS-information.


“We at dRofus are thrilled that White is satisfied with the program over the last three years and that they have chosen to continue with dRofus as a standard tool moving forwards. We see that more and more architectural offices are starting to use digital work methods, something that White has been working on for a long time and where dRofus, together with model tools like Revit and ArchiCAD, is a natural part of the toolbox to streamline the work that is to performed” says Marie Salomonsson at dRofus.


Thanks to the templates in dRofus that White have developed, they can both structure, and in a clear way, present the information they handle in the projects, as well as streamline and save a lot of time when starting new projects. 

"Our collaboration with dRofus gives us the digital support we need to create an even better structure in our projects and gives us better opportunities to share information." commented Annika Yledahl, Methodology Manager at White Architects. 

Revit items in room and Annika

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