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dRofus2/11/20 11:57 AM

Save time and improve your workflow with dRofus 2.3


Every morning, you’re given 86,400 seconds. It’s a present. Every night, those seconds are gone, lost to whatever you have chosen to spend them on. There is no carry over. Each day, you have a fresh stack of those seconds. 86,400 of them. A wondrous, imaginative, beautiful stack of fresh seconds. If you squander them, the loss is yours. You won’t get them back. Those damn things are valuable and they add up!

With dRofus 2.3 lots of features have been enhanced or introduced to save you time, not just seconds, but hours, and that really makes a difference!

How? Here’s a summary.

First off, we know you’re going to enjoy the latest IFC updates. Those pesky sub items just got a whole lot easier to manage and if you work with documents, we heard you, and we’ve got some good news. With our new QR code feature and you can take dRofus with you anywhere. We’ve saved you time with room templates and items lists. Sub item relationships just got upgraded and have a special treat for equipment planners. We’ve added support for the latest versions of ARCHICAD 23 and Revit 2020 and we're planning to take collaboration to the next level with the improvement of our API. This and much, much more!


Let’s dig in…


Excel import of sub items 

This is critical with big firms and small firms alike. Sub items, in the past, were something that you had to manually do. 100’s and 1000’s of items and you were trying to building packages around their sub item relationships and you had to do all of this… manually. Now it’s a simple excel file that with one additional column you can build a sub item to item relationship. A potential huge timesaver.

Benefit: Saves time… lots of it!


The ability to import rooms directly from ArchiCAD

dRofus has full support for ARCHICAD 23 and we’ve added the ability to import rooms from ARCHICAD into dRofus.

Benefit: Saves time. Improves workflow


Documents can now be replaced

If you work with documents, you’re going to love this new feature. Now if you have an existing document, you have the ability to directly replace it with a new one and not worry about changing it out manually.

Benefit: Saves time. improves workflow.



The ability to Import Rooms from IFC Spaces

If you’re using Revit or ARCHICAD or any BIM authoring tool that can leverage IFC , you can now synchronize occurrences and you can import rooms directly from that model.

Benefit: Saves time. Improves workflow.



The ability to convert Room Template to Item Template or vice versa

This allows you convert a room template into an items list template or vice versa. From a flexibility standpoint, this saves many seconds! Let’s say you’ve received an excel file and you’ve been given a whole bunch of templates. You realise that some of them are item list templates and some of them are just full blown room templates, this update lets you import them all at once and move them to where they actually make sense.

Benefit: Saves time. Improves workflow.


The ability to Assign Responsibility to an Item via the Item Group Settings.

You can pre-populate in an item group structure, which items should go to which list. For companies that have standardised project delivery using dRofus\, the ability to say that every time you put a chair in the furniture item group, it’s going to automatically associate itself just to the furniture list. This really empowers a lot of tasks that needed to be done manually.

Benefit: Saves time. Improves workflow.


Improved functionality to equipment planning

If you’re an equipment planner, you’re going to love the ability to show items from the same group as the ‘selected item’ when adding equipment to a room.


Benefit: Saves time.



The ability to import shared nested Revit families as sub-items.

Sub item import from Revit 


Sub item Import from excel

This is super important for your Revit work flow. Let’s say you’ve done the work in Revit, and you’ve built a nested family. If you link the nested item and then you link the parent item as a family and then you synchronize with Revit, it will build the nested family as a sub item automatically in dRofus.  You and the firm will see cost savings related to this process.

Benefit: Cost savings. Saves time.



Full support for Revit 2020.

dRofus 2.3 supports the latest version of Autodesk’s Revit 2020. Information can be accessed and changed on the dRofus panel within Revit allowing a bi-directional flow of information between the model and dRofus.

Benefit: dRofus


Improved API Functionality

We’ve improved our API. In a big way! Customers can access project data for analysis and visualisation within dashboards and many other tools. If you are a developer and you’re interested in discussing the API visit or email us at

Benefit: Your software tool is able harness the use of dRofus



QR Codes - Taking dRofus with you!

Whether you use printed PDF’s or you’re sharing the link to a PDF, the QR code is the quickest way to get what you are seeing into the web. Heading out of the office to a meeting… scan the QR code. Want to share the report with everyone at the site meeting…. Scan the QR code.

Benefit: Saves time.



Chinese / Japanese Language support


Benefit: これで、英語から何も翻訳する必要がなくなりました。

Full release notes can be found here

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