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dRofus1/27/21 12:00 AM

dRofus AB and Insikt Digital Sapiens AB sign cooperation agreement in Sweden

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With dRofus as a tool, people can plan, design, design, build and manage buildings with a common source of information, linked to the models in the projects. This provides the opportunity to work closely and integrated, not only between disciplines and different actors, but also between different software.


Digital processes and working methods form the basis for almost everything we deliver in the construction and real estate industry. Insikt's ambition is to be at the forefront of the industry when it comes to driving the development of these. It is when digital processes and working methods harmonize between people, technology and conditions that the real values ​​of digitization are created. Linking methodology and technology, quality systems and training is a key to success. According to Insikt, such a holistic approach also includes a database such as dRofus, which can link together the information that needs to be available in a project.

“We believe in being open and always turning to the players who, in our opinion, create the best solutions. We are therefore very pleased to announce that we are now part of a collaboration with dRofus, which delivers an efficient, stable and engaging platform. The database is quickly and easily connected with BIM models in the design and handling of information is simplified and streamlined. Being able to ensure the quality of our customers' data is of the utmost importance and dRofus helps us with this” says Kristoffer Lind at Insikt.


Structured data and information have never been more important than now. At a time when solutions for digital twins, IoT and automation are becoming more common, it is a prerequisite that property owners, contractors and managers take ownership of their projects and their holdings. The key to success in this is well-thought-out processes, deliveries and organizational initiatives together with efficient, flexible and robust tools.

“We see this collaboration as a fantastic opportunity to safely lead the construction industry together into the digitalisation journey that lies ahead. With dRofus as a tool for single source of information, combined with the methodology that Insikt has developed, the journey will not only be better and more efficient, but also more fun.” says Marie Salomonsson at dRofus.


With this collaboration, dRofus and Insikt want to help the industry together. With a platform from dRofus and methodology from Insikt, more actors in community building can work more efficiently and more quality-assuredly at all levels.

Both dRofus and Insikt are and remain independent companies working with all players in the market.

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About dRofus

The leading planning and data management solution for the global building industry. dRofus is a unique planning, data management and BIM collaboration tool that provides all stakeholders with comprehensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the building lifecycle. We are committed to Open BIM and as part of the Nemetschek Group, our aim is to deliver the best possible, most innovative and most successful AECO software solutions.

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About Insikt Digital Sapiens AB

Insikt is based in Stockholm and Gothenburg and offers a holistic approach to digital processes and working methods for both projects and companies in the public construction industry by assisting with resources, advice, training and package solutions.

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