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dRofus5/25/21 11:10 AM6 min read

dRofus 2.6 – the Smart Way to Connect Design with Product Data


Our software update is the most exciting time of the year for all of us at dRofus and this year is no exception.

dRofus 2.6 sets out to addresses two crucial topics:

  • The connection between planned objects and selected products
  • Extending dRofus model sync capabilities

Let's look at the features we've been working on, so you can start using them today! 

Connection to BIM object via the dRofus API


This update is a game-changer for interior designers. You have the ability to search for a product, build a product list, and import products using dRofus web. You can map products to specific items and also to all occurrences of your choosing with fewer steps than ever before.


Importing function properties from Excel


Say goodbye to copying and pasting function properties one at a time from Excel into dRofus. This makes it possible to update properties such as function name, gross net ratio and function colors. Quickly update your project rather than having to manually input these properties. This will help to ensure that your team has the properties and visual
features that help them work better.

Click here to learn more about importing function properties


Revit - Sync Family Parameters without project parameters


With dRofus 2.6, we have removed the requirement to create project parameters to map to your custom family parameters. Now you can link both type and instance parameters to dRofus item and occurrence fields using a category-specific configuration.


Revit - Sync Selected instances


Have you ever wanted to simply sync specific instances in Revit to occurrences in dRofus? Now you can. Highlight the families in your view that you would like to sync with dRofus and use our sync selected instance feature to update occurrence data and their relationships in the database. This is the engineer's new favorite feature to update system components' relationships with systems on a specific scope of work done in the model.


Revit - Sync View


With this feature we allow you to select any view in Revit and sync any visible instances to occurrences in dRofus.
This means you can have a partial plan, an elevation, a section. Basically, any view that you'd like to use in Revit to sync the selected occurrences that are in that view.

Power Query Filters


As you already know, you can use a dRofus generated code to populate Excel Spreadsheets and visualize your data in Power BI. Our latest update allows you to "smart filter" data in a PowerQuery. This means that you'll save a ton of time because you can now filter for data that you really care about. This makes it easier to get the visibility that you and your team need into your projects while getting real-time data that can be presented across the organization to better coordinate across teams.

Click here to learn more about PowerQuery 


New design for Excel Import/Update Room Templates


For teams using templates on projects, we now have this exciting enhancement. Updating and creating templates just became a whole lot easier with our new Excel import interface. dRofus now has the ability to map importing templates and the Templates data from Excel in a nice clean new way.

Click here to learn more about Import/Update Room Templates


Set default products with Excel Import/Update Products


Have you ever wanted to import products from Excel? Not only can you import products but you can also set a default product on the items they relate to. For example, Interior designers can start with a product and map it to an item. Build a list. And then start building product specifications.

This new feature is also excellent for building a library of preferred vendors and preferred products. Pairing this enhancement with dRofus Web makes this a game-changer for documenting products on the fly.

Click here to learn more about Import/Update Products


Change sources in Logs


We've now enhanced within our logs the ability to understand where the changes are coming from whether they are being made from an Excel import, made from changes in dRofus, or dRofus web or if the changes are coming from your design authoring models like Archicad or Revit. We'll now show you those changes as a source of the change inside of your logs. Now you know where the changes are coming from.


Continue on errors when importing from Excel


Advanced users are going to enjoy this subtle update. When importing from Excel, imports now aren't halted from a faulty line. So if there is an error in your data, no need to worry. The data will still be imported. You then have the ability to review the error log and resolve any issues. This functionality is now available on all Excel Imports and Updates across all modules.

Click here to learn more about Import/Update Data


Uploading documents on sub-item occurrences


You now have the ability to upload documents to sub-item occurrences. Now you can have the same level of documentation for sub-items that you have for items.

Click here to learn more about Documents

Revit - Sync Project information


It's important to keep your model in sync with dRofus with project level information. This could be the name of the project, project number, or even the address. It's never been easier with project level sync. Now you can sync this level of information with function data directly to Revit project properties. 

Click here to learn more about Syncing with Revit


Revit - Shared Category selector


In an effort to make sure that your team is able to share information quickly, in 2.6 when you specify a category in Revit, it's going to be associated with the same filtered list across all parts of the Revit add-on.


Revit - Search Bar in linked Items


Search and ye shall find... linked items that is. This feature is great to understand which items are mapped to which specific families.

Click here to learn more about linked Items in Revit


Revit - Sync by Level/Model Room Templates


When you're designing templates, it's usually done one by one. We realized that this can be quite a mundane process. Now, if you have multiple templates, you are able to sync them all by level.

Click here to learn more about Import/Update Products


Revit - Prevent invalid configurations


If you're a BIM admin responsible for configurations on your projects, you are going to really appreciate this new enhancement. If the configuration is broken we will set it as invalid and the team will not be able to use it. This will make sure that the high quality of the configurations you do setup are actually being used and it's much easier for you to administer. 

Click here to learn more about Valid Revit Configurations


Revit - Report on updated occurrences


We want to make sure are up to date with all that is going on in your database. When Occurrences are synced, created, or deleted, you will now receive a notification. You can choose to download it and copy it to your clipboard and report on it or simply move on with your tasks.


Revit - Product data visibility


Everyone loves a GUI update. This fine-looking update is important for users working with product mapping to Revit families.
Simply view connections and default products and you will have all of the product GUI information available to map to.

Click here to learn more about Revit Configurations

We hope you enjoyed hearing about the latest updates to dRofus as much as we enjoyed creating them. We have been working hard to make sure that dRofus intelligently supports you in all stages of the building cycle.