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dRofus5/15/24 1:28 PM

Revolutionizing AEC/O with Data: dRofus at Digital Construction Week

Revolutionizing AEC/O with Data: dRofus at Digital Construction Week

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Digital Construction Week, scheduled for June 5th-6th, 2024, at ExCeL London, is a highly anticipated event that brings together industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts to explore the cutting-edge advancements shaping the future of construction. This dynamic gathering serves as a platform to discover the latest trends, network with innovators, and gain valuable insights into leveraging technology for improved project outcomes. In this blog post, we'll delve into the event and explore how dRofus, a pioneering BIM data tool, is revolutionizing the industry by empowering stakeholders with data-driven design and collaboration.

Here are three reasons to visit our booth in the Nemetschek zone.


1. Data-Driven Design: Transforming Construction Processes

At dRofus, we strive to help the AEC/O industry work smarter. With our unique planning, data management, and BIM collaboration tool, we provide extensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the entire building lifecycle. Our software was developed specifically for public building owners, offering features that capture client requirements, validate design solutions against those requirements, and facilitate the management of public standards and equipment planning.

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2. A BIM Data Tool for All Stakeholders:

One of the challenges in construction projects lies in consolidating data from various stakeholders who often use different software programs with distinct data schemas. This scattered data, stored across multiple servers and locations, hampers collaboration and hinders reusability. This is where dRofus comes in as an essential tool for BIM projects. Our platform consolidates disparate data sets, converting them into project information, insight, and intelligence accessible to all project stakeholders. With strong integration capabilities with ArchiCAD, Revit, and IFC, dRofus ensures seamless bi-directional data sync, enabling efficient collaboration and enhancing project outcomes.


3. The next frontier in AEC/O: AI-powered digital twins for sustainable growth

Join Dr. Jimmy Abualdenien, Head of Digital Twin Product at the Nemetschek Group for an insightful session on how integrating data-rich AI models with digital twins can lead to a new era of efficiency and sustainability in the AEC/O industry. He will explore cutting-edge strategies in data integration and AI application, showcasing their transformative impact on project management and environmental stewardship. This session is a deep dive into the future of sustainable and cost-effective building design and operation.

Key Points:
Dynamic Role of Digital Twins: Understanding digital twins as evolving, data-rich models capable of simulating and predicting real-world AEC/O scenarios with high accuracy. | AI-Enhanced Predictive Analytics: Exploring how AI integration in digital twins leads to smarter, more efficient decision-making and predictive analytics in project management.| Facilitating a Circular Economy: Demonstrating how digital twins and AI contribute to a circular economy approach in the AEC/O industry, optimizing the lifecycle of projects for sustainability and efficiency.

SPEAKER: Dr. Jimmy Abualdenien, Head of Digital Twin Product, Nemetschek Group
WHEN: 5 June - 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm
THEATRE: Innovation Stage

As the construction industry continues to evolve, embracing digital solutions and data-driven design becomes crucial for staying ahead of the curve. Events like Digital Construction Week provide an invaluable platform for industry professionals to discover and harness the power of technology. With dRofus leading the way in BIM data management and collaboration, stakeholders can unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and success. 


Meet the dRofus team at DCW 2024



Alexander Hägg

At White Architects, Alexander excelled as an Engineer, actively participating in project development. In addition to his engineering role, he took on the responsibilities of a methodology manager for digital drawing tools at White's Linköping office, contributing to central methodology development. During his tenure, Alexander also served as the Development Manager for construction technology, overseeing internal competence development and playing a pivotal role in the company's research in the field.

Throughout his years at White Architects, Alexander worked on a diverse range of building projects, including higher education institutions, hospitals, apartments, offices, and more. His experience spans both larger public projects for public clients and projects for private clients. With his extensive expertise, Alexander has made valuable contributions to the success of various architectural endeavors.

Currently, Alexander is a Customer Success Manager at dRofus. In this role, he leverages his skills and knowledge to ensure customer satisfaction and drive success in the Swedish market.


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Sylvain Vaudou

Sylvain Vaudou is a French generalist engineer with a focus on the construction sector. He began his career in Canada, working as a BIM consultant for major firms. Returning to France, he took on a strategic role at CAP INGELEC, one of the top engineering companies in the country. Driven by the company's rapid growth, Sylvain quickly developed the BIM department from its inception to a team of over ten professionals. He implemented innovative methodologies, made strategic decisions, and provided extensive training, significantly enhancing BIM management on various projects.

During his tenure at CAP INGELEC, Sylvain primarily worked on complex projects, including data centers and cleanroom environments such as laboratories and industrial processes. He was involved in all project stages, from conception and construction to commissioning and hand-over.

Currently, Sylvain is a Customer Success Manager at dRofus. He utilizes his expertise and experience to guarantee customer satisfaction in the Francophone market. 



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