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dRofus10/3/18 12:00 AM

BIM Myths


Myth #1: BIM is only 3D modelling

BIM is not about producing a visual representation of a physical object but rather it is about working collaboratively to generate digital data sheets. This data is accumulated and shared in a digital space where it can be used to generate federated models. This is known the Common Data Environment (CDE) or as we refer to it a "single source of truth.” BIM isn’t essentially about model geometry.

3D models are one of many pieces of the BIM puzzle. The ‘modelling’ element of the equation can prove to be quite a distraction as it often is perceived as the focal point of the software.  BIM is about the focused management of information throughout the life of a building project / asset.  It encompasses people, technology and processes. It's definitely not just about the 3D model.

Truth: BIM is much more than the 3D model.



Myth #2: BIM is only for huge projects

The reason this myth exists is because the majority of BIM implementation examples available on the internet and at trade shows feature large scale projects. This reasoning has somewhat pigeonholed the industry into perceiving that BIM is only for large projects. We assure you that many small projects can benefit from the efficiencies of BIM implementation. The shortened feedback loop alone is enough of a reason to implement BIM on a small-scale project.

BIM should be used on small projects.


Myth #3: BIM will be expensive

The initial set-up costs may, at a glance, seem rather expensive but in the long run BIM actually saves time and money. The long-term efficiencies and benefits far outweigh the costs of BIM implementation.

There are many low-cost or free tools available that will get your company started in the right direction. However, many of these free tools lack functionality but they will give you an idea about the possibilities that are available. 

Truth: Initial costs may seem high but the long-term savings are tangible. 


Myth #4: BIM is only software

BIM is far more than software. It is essentially about operational change throughout the entire company. BIM implementation will effect people, processes and current technology. Collaboration between your entire team will ensure that you fully harvest all of the benefits of BIM. The biggest cost will be in the implementation and training phase across the organisation.

Truth: BIM is essentially about operational change throughout the entire company


Myth #5: BIM is just a fad 

BIM is the natural evolution of the AEC industry. Building Research Establishment (BRE) created a design to eradicate waste and bring about cost savings as far back as 1970. Clash detection, the process of finding discrepancies in 3D modeling when designing a building was discussed in 1966. BIM is most certainly not a trend. It is here to stay! 

Truth: BIM is here to stay. 


Myth #6: The advantages of BIM are only for those involved in construction and design. 

All project participants benefit from improved work efficiencies brought on by BIM implementation. The time saving aspect alone of BIM can be felt organisation wide. There is an underlying feeling of trust from the entire team that the data that they are working with is correct.

The ability to accurately relay information using a collaboration software will make it easy to identify operational costs and therefore decisions can be made with greater accuracy.  

Truth: The entire organisation benefits from BIM implementation.

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