Release notes

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New Features

[DROFUS-43445] – Support for ArchiCAD 22
[DROFUS-41722] – Support for Revit 2019
[DROFUS-41061] – Released new MSI-version 
[PB-2090] – Remember password on login
[PB-2091] – In Revit automatically login
[DROFUS-42111] – Strengthen the password rule to 8 characters
[PB-40] – Possibility to convert Unique status to Derived from Room Template
[PB-1814] – Allowed planning areas on all levels in function structure
[PB-1798] – Improved Areas for functions, with sharing gross/net factor on all levels in the function structure 
[PB-2381] – Added calculations on the top level in Areas view 
[PB-1796] – In the Room function structure, added Project Area parameters on the top-level of the structure
[PB-1600] – Added possibility to add sum of the Room measurements - fields in the function-area view
[PB-2108] – Added log for project parameters
[PB-482] – Improve "Track changes" to sync when updating Room in Revit
[DROFUS-37339] – In Revit, added the new attribute picker for choosing columns [DROFUS-42908] – In Revit, added link/unlink option to Occurrence
[PB-1409] – Functions to import Child Items from Excel
[PB-395] – Support for Excel import of company information
[DROFUS-42907] – Added function to import both parent company and sub company at the same time from Excel
[PB-1992] – Added an option to send pdf-report in email



[PB-2384] – Improved interface for the user settings
[PB-2119] – Improved Room Property panel with icons and moved function
[PB-2196] – Added warning message saying that IFC properties does not appear unless you select a zone/object
[PB-2013] – Saving the sorting of columns
[PB-2218] – In procurement module, made the Updated Item Specification visible when you open Item from equipment list or Item overview
[PB-2263] – In Revit plugin, improvements to Options Window
[PB-2301] – Possibility to show serial number for item in schedules and lists
[PB-2220] – In Revit, key value gets remove when copying/duplicating families
[PB-1855] – Improved the sort and filter button in the different columns
[PB-1913] – In the Configured Excel Export, added a parameter to include the rooms marked as deleted
[PB-1266] – Function to copy Configured Excel Export
[PB-2092] – In Revit, Improved sync when using Worksharing
[PB-845] – Added functionality to open a dRofus product, system or occurrence in client via a link
[PB-2103] – Added Procurement data fields in Configure Excel Exports
[PB-2089] – Added Contact data in Configure Excel Exports
[PB-1961] – Developed log for functions 
[PB-1386] – Improved Apply Template with option to choose what to overwrite
[PB-1599] – Possibility to import the IFC-attributes for system and components to dRofus
[PB-1260] – Separated the super-user access for BIM attribute configuration
[PB-1861] – In room list, added support to open template from right click on item list
[PB-1292] – Added support to open the web directly from the client
[PB-888] – In Revit, hided some buttons when no admin-access
[PB-748] – Possibility to open the Room Template items directly from Revit by using 'Show in dRofus' button
[PB-1281] – Improvements on Home Screen Summary
[PB-1383] – Styled the Delete button
[PB-1856] – Improved the interface in Finishes list
[PB-1582] – Support to add unit type on the custom Room Measurement fields
[PB-1853] – When clicking in to Document pane, it keep your choice of details from last time
[PB-1451] – In Revit added filter in Planned vs Designed Items
[PB-2330] – Show change list in alphabetic order
[PB-2396] – In ArchiCAD, added "To Zone" parameter in the default configuration on doors
[DROFUS-39910] – Revit and ArchiCAD support side-by-side installation of 3rd part plugins
[DROFUS-41628] – Implemented header detection for Excel import
[DROFUS-41733] – Cleaned up the User Settings window
[DROFUS-42649] – Added description field to Item Groups 
[DROFUS-42954] – Improved log filters when exporting log to Excel 
[DROFUS-41527] – In Revit plug-in, dRofus property pane, visualize better which direction data is synced
[DROFUS-41060] – When read only permission, changed the greyed out fields to be black

As usual several different bugs

New features & Improvements

[PB-2194] – In ArchiCAD Add-on, allowed to use hot linked zones' parameter as the key attribute for comparing
[PB-2300] – When connecting a room to a Room Template, the classification from the Room Template overwrite the classification from the room
[DROFUS-42764] – Removed the invalid swap item options in room template occurrence dialog
[PB-1924] - Room Areas Digits - increase to 999,999
[DROFUS-42094] - Imporoved the translation in the plug-ins
[DROFUS-42290] - Improved performens when adding classification in Item perspective
[DROFUS-41061] – Released new MSI-version
[PB-1973] - Support for more instance-attributes in Revit Attribute Configuration
[PB-2035] - Hide programmed area gross/net factor if department has sub-departments
[PB-1794] – Displaying the username within the Client
[PB-1828] – Added an additional decimal for gross/net factor
[PB-1775] – In for Revit 2018, fixed issues when Revit Syncs and Track changes are on
[PB-1925] – Fixed the saving issue on Room Data for Room Templates
[PB-888] – In Revit, hided some buttons when no admin-access
[PB-1888] – Added the size of the project in the admin page
[PB-1286] – Finishes, Improved icons 
[PB-1507] – Systems, Added function to import systems directly to a system component in dRofus 
[PB-1512] – Rooms, Added new area overview for group types 
[PB-1277] – Room Templates, Added a warning message when changing templates 
[DROFUS-38785] – Rooms, Added Move/Copy function in ribbon
[DROFUS-39096] – Items, Improved performance in the occurrence attribute picker 
[DROFUS-34935] – Rooms, Added new Room Data <-> Item check 
[DROFUS-39417] – Added column-filter on Date/Time 
[DROFUS-39580] – Added "Template occurrences" as data source for excel export 
[PB-1217] – Support for Status Filter on Occurrences/Items RDS Reports 
[PB-150] – Swap Room Template used by room (RDS, equipment) 
[PB-1364] – In Items module, Added the "Show Sub Items" Checkbox 
[PB-1423] – Hide different tabs when the relevant view is not open (documents/images/logs-tabs) 
[PB-28] – Possibility to synchronize RDS fields from Revit and ArchiCAD to dRofus
[PB-96] – Revit possibility to create views of family instance in relation to surrounding and upload to occurrence 
[PB-481] – Reit, Made function a writable dRofus parameter from Revit 
[PB-932] – Room module, Added the Functional location parameter in the Room property panel 
[PB-1364] – “Show Sub Items”- Checkbox in Item in room 
[PB-1448] – Added “Is placed” parameter, to see which rooms that is already linked to a model 
[PB-1461] – Revit, Systems, add possibility to update components in the system by synchronize linked systems 
[PB-1567] – Prompt to update software and dRofus restart when it is a new version 
[PB-1481] – Documents, Possibility to upload unsigned document type, to be assigned later 
[DROFUS-38301] – Room module, Occurrence match for rooms 
[DROFUS-35892] – RDS, Added function to create the long help text description related to tooltip 
[DROFUS-39179] – Improved general scrollbar buttons
[DROFUS-39196] – Improved Property panel, Reloads when it gets keyboard focus 
[PB-1493] – System module, When opening systems, the structure shows system classification structure instead of Item structure 
[PB-1128] – System module, Expose system component as a relation on primary system
[DROFUS-38974] – System/Items Overview, “Quick search” will search in all panels, not only Item panel 
[DROFUS-38065] – Added IFC property panel 
[DROFUS-38071] – Added Area panel in room module 
[DROFUS-38763] – System module, Improved filters
[PB-1490] – Items overview, only show products that is connected to the selected occurrence(s) 
[PB-1491] – Revit plug-in, added family category-filter when import of systems 
[PB-1494] – Revit plug-in, “Import Selected” recognize systems that already exist 
[PB-1545] – Reports and Exports, when creating an custom excel-export, we allow macro enabled excel templates (xlsm + xls) to be uploaded to project reports [PB-1371] – Items overview, option in ribbon or double-click on document to open its properties 
[PB-234] – Added filter function on columns 
[DROFUS-38760] – System module, added closable items list 
[PB-1413] – Added support for ArchiCAD 21 Property manager attributes for Objects 
[PB-391] – Added possibility to hide "Graphical function planner" and "Function program" from the welcome window and "Project" menu 
[PB-1077] – In Items overview, added possibility to manually overwrite running numbers on Items  
[DROFUS-38066] – Improved the 3D viewer navigation: zoom, 2d (floor), spaces only 
[DROFUS-37940] – Revit plug-in, when copy room from linked models, added option to filter rooms/spaces in Main design option 
[PB-452] – Added the new ArchiCAD 20 "Property Manager"- properties in the plug-in "attribute configuration" for Zones 
[PB-1105] – Included gross/net factor data source in excel exports 
[DROFUS-38087] – Improved the performance of new 'Add/Remove' columns. Specially for occurrence
[PB-351] - Support for Door in ArchiCAD plug-in 
[PB-681] - Support for lighting fixtures in ArchiCAD plug-in 
[DROFUS-39510] - Support for Windows in ArchiCAD plug-in 
[DROFUS-39750] - Added link to support webpage from Help menu 
[PB-1068] – Added link to the admin web-site from settings 
[DROFUS-37381] - Added pagination to log panes 
[DROFUS-39710] - Added pagination for occurrence, room and room-templates 
[DROFUS-39885] – Added notification to restart ArchiCAD/Revit when updating 
[PB-1205] – When uploading image from Revit, added more specific label 
[PB-764] - Added spell check to dRofus text fields
[PB-1720] - Expose sum of numeric occurrence datafields on items for time and weight 
[PB-1665] - Hide user logon on home page 
[PB-1647] - Create a table for connection RDS to Item group 
[PB-1456] - Show Item Quantity as Derived when modified from a template 
[PB-1250] - Support for ArchiCad 21 
[PB-1166] - Default views in rooms lists 
[PB-1054] - Created materials in dRofus
[PB-1050] - Possible to clone rooms to be able to make alternative rooms 
[PB-1051] - Merge/delete a cloned room by retaining the right occurrences 
[PB-1033] - Updated all icons in dRofus 
[PB-1029] - Made it clearer which rooms will be imported from Revit when using the import function 
[PB-968] - Improved the tree structure of the add/remove column dialogue 
[PB-967] - Improved "advanced" filter dialog 
[PB-952] - Possibility to create price parameters and hide pricing information for users  
[PB-905] - Possible to define the connections between statues, classification and its permission 
[PB-904] - Made status and classification a permission-giving topic 
[PB-891] - When using sub items, Possibility to show properties of “sub” occurrence on "parent" occurrence. To see which occurrence of the sub that are connected to which occurrence of the “Parent”
[PB-785] - Enable classifications to be shown as filter boxes 
[PB-770] - In Items overview, when an item is selected the related object gets highlight
[PB-694] - Edit Save Searches
[PB-672] - Possibility to open RDS from the occurrence and template occurrences panes 
[PB-640] - In Revit, expose more room information on the occurrence attribute settings 
[PB-619] - Added functionality to open dRofus client from a link (dRofus Web app)
[PB-602] - Classifications for rooms 
[PB-486] - Ability to move occurrences between Item list 
[PB-251] - Ability to set classification to an Item from Revit, from the “Item <-> Family” window 
[PB-25] – Added RDS, Equipment List and Room Template information in Revit Configuration 
[PB-17] – Added room templates data in Excel Export Configuration
[DROFUS-39728] - Support for Element types in Archicad C Support for Doors, Windows, Walls, Curtain Walls, Electrical Equipment, Columns, Beams, Roofs, Morphs, Shells, Skylights, Railings, Stairs)
[DROFUS-39171] – Improved the ICF-Occurrence match pane 
[DROFUS-38278] - Possibility to updated status/classification on occurrences from excel 
[DROFUS-37793] – Now you are allowed adding subs to room that you do not have permission to if you have permission on the main.
[DROFUS-37009] - In the “Family<->Items” window in Revit, support for transferring Family file to dRofus 
[DROFUS-36521] - Improved startup time of all modules
[DROFUS-36315] - Added drop down options for responsibility in "advanced search" 
[DROFUS-36314] - Improved add/remove column pick attributes dialog with tree structure 
[DROFUS-35896] - Improved help text when creating RDS 
[DROFUS-35458] - Moved Views tab to new Right-hand sidebar for all perspectives 
[DROFUS-35864] - Moved the log-view to the Right-hand sidebar together with the other perspectives 
[DROFUS-35453] - Added support to create a new room directly from a template 
[DROFUS-35452] - Possibility to add occurrence from room perspective 
[DROFUS-35451] - Added equipment commands into room perspective and item perspective 
[DROFUS-35428] - Added support for copying equipment list from room into room template 
[DROFUS-35316] – Added a RDS pane in room perspective so it is possible to edit/multiselect edit RDS directly form the room list 
[DROFUS-35306] – Support for adding classification on Room templates 
[DROFUS-35276] – Added document support for Room templates 
[DROFUS-35196] – Added Image support for Room templates 
[DROFUS-35080] – Support for changing setting to the perspectives, without needing to restart the application 
[DROFUS-35043] - Support multiscreen 
[DROFUS-34274] - Create and delete RDS for one or multiple rooms 
[DROFUS-34274] - Possibility to create and delete RDS for one or multiple rooms 
[DROFUS-34268] - Improved the procurement/delivery module layout 
[DROFUS-33916] – Added a toggle-button in toolbar for show/hide deleted rooms 
[DROFUS-33453] - Made it possible to show group info in property pane 
[DROFUS-33398] - Added the log pane for rooms 
[DROFUS-33382] - Added the Room advanced search in navigation pane 
[DROFUS-27769] - Improved the navigation pane 
[DROFUS-27708] - Added functions to connect dRofus Items to Revit Materials 
[DROFUS-27271] - Added the navigation pane to Items and Systems 
[DROFUS-27103] - Improved handling of occurrences/components when deleting a system 
[DROFUS-26664] - New welcome window
[DROFUS-26625] - Improved the setup of columns in System pane 
[DROFUS-24918] - Added products and occurrences pane to company perspective 
[DROFUS-24890] - Improved the Revit sync systems

...and bug fixes

New Features

[PB-1250] - ArchiCAD 21 Support
[PB-960] - Revit 2018 Support 
[PB-111] - Ability to Copy RDS View Filters 
[PB-251] - In Revit plug-in, Ability to set classification to an item in the Item <-> Family window 
[DROFUS-35879] - In Revit plug-in, it is now possible to load/save system families


[PB-891] - In Items-overview, possibility to show properties for the ‘main’ or ‘sub’ of an occurrence.
So, now it is possible to know which ‘sub’ occurrence that are belongs to which ‘main’ occurrence, and the other way around 
[PB-974] - When deleting Item with ‘Children’ you now get a warning message  
[PB-275] - Improved the user-restriction on RDS-fields if handle data by excel import or copy between rooms 
[PB-791] - In Systems, ability to add multiple occurrences to an existing system 
[PB-847] - Users with limited rooms rights is now able to update Rooms and Room Templates RDS from Excel
[PB-692] - In Items Overview - Images pane, included a numbering sequence to show the order of the Images
[PB-1209] - In Items Overview – Improved performance generally 
[DROFUS-33403] - In Revit plugin, support for syncing dRofus Item parameters introduced in the latest version of the client.
[DROFUS-35442] - Add responsibility to occurrences
[DROFUS-35733] - Added responsibility to product
[PB-1334] – Revit, Ability to import rooms leaving the room name empty in dRofus if roomnamelist is locked
[PB-1307] – Log, Made the Change list field wider to see long Change list names
[PB-1061] – Function program module, Improved the note, so it is easier to expend the field to see long notes
[PB-347] – In the RDS PDF Reports, Included the Change Lists under the Log section
[PB-1793] – Improved the performance when selecting "Item" within the Log Window



And bug fixes

New features

[PB-960] - Revit 2018 Support
[PB-621] - Added support for status on Items, Occurrences and Products
This makes it easier to follow up the delivery of documentation, information and other work processes around Items, Occurrences and Products
[PB-569] - Added a due date to the statuses
[PB-614] - Status included in PDF reports
[PB-093] - Excel import of products
[PB-557] - In all text fields for Items, occurrences, products and systems, hypertext link is now available
Start a hyperlink by writing "http(s)://" and you got it
[PB-935] - Support for setting for 'separator' in item classification number
[PB-880] - Expose Number on subs used in "subs as properties" in Revit/AC and client
[PB-392] - Support for change lists in Revit and ArchiCAD
[PB-342] - Logging for products
[PB-994] - In Items overview, it is now possible to specify starting number for Item Auto-number
[DROFUS-33715] - Support for ArchiCAD 20
[DROFUS-33351] - Added support for images on products and occurrences
[DROFUS-34241] - In Item overview, ability to set change list/log note
In Item overview we have added a new tab called: "log" here you can set the "change list/log note" and open the log
[DROFUS-34635] - In Items overview, added support for composite text for Item, Occurrence & Product
Here you can put together multiple dRofus attributes/parameters to one. This new feature together with the hyperlink feature opens an ocean off new possibilities, where you can for instance link to documentation etc. 
[DROFUS-34059] - Update Help Menu in Client


[PB-460] - Revit System import, now include everything
I.e the non-family based connecting equipment
[PB-478] – In the Revit plug-in, added the “Room ceiling/-floor tolerance” 
To include families above or under the room/space
[PB-281] - In Items overview, ability to copy product to other items
[PB-587] - in Items overview, Support for splitting occurrence, only using occurrence id
[PB-530] - In Items overview, Transfer Occurrences now refresh occurrence list
[PB-422] - In Items overview, Possible to copy Items Specification
[PB-844] - Occurrence in procurement can now be updated via excel import
[PB-277] - The Excel export of Items, change the "only used" to a choice "used in room", "used in templates" or "both"
[PB-246] – The Excel export of Items, the status "Derived" are added
[PB-322] - In Finishes items list, BIM ID is searchable when adding items/finishes
[PB-499] - In Admin DYN GUI settings, Increase max. number of characters from 9 to 13
[PB-513] - Office 64 bit Support
[PB-349] - Posible to delete items with occurrences (You get warning and option to undo)
[PB-279] - More dynamic ribbon when working with occurrences
[PB-669] - In ArchiCAD plug-in, the equipment in hidden layers also disappear from `Show model equipment`
[PB-733] - In Revit plug-in, provided an option to show/hide matched items in the Items in Room Window
[PB-832] - Support for setting for number of characters default for new systems for a system component
[PB-479] - Show BIMID in "Room Equipment List" dialog box in Revit Plugin
[PB-439] - Include "Reference" as a Field That Contains Part of the Query in the Quick Search for Items
[PB-363] - Add "Occurrences in template" as an column option in "Add/remove columns" in the items pane
[PB-885] - In Revit plug-in, if roomname is locked in dRofus, Revit is not allowed to add new roomname to present list of names in dRofus
[PB-462] - In System/Items overview, all occurrences now get a number based upon either classification or item number
[PB-226] - Excel exporter: Sort excel export after the first 3 selected attributes
[PB-855] - In Revit plug-in, expose detail items in Items in room/level
[DROFUS-37511] - In Revit plug-in, improve speed when opening the "Systems" window
[DROFUS-37210] - In Revit plug-in, expose the walls parameter "Function" to be synchronized
[DROFUS-34385] - In Revit configuration, expose the wall sweeps 
[DROFUS-34412] - IFC room and occurrence matching improvements
[DROFUS-34435] - In procurement module, possible to show combination of Room name and Room description
[DROFUS-34188] - In the Revit plug-in, we now update which room the occurrence appears in when syncing the items/occurrence
[DROFUS-34059] - Help Menu in client updated
[DROFUS-33468] - Add object layer parameter in Planned vs designed equipment report in Archicad
[DROFUS-32823] - Save custom column setup when assigning finishes to rooms.
[DROFUS-33697] - Remove Bifrost to avoid AntiVirus issues
[DROFUS-35049] - Items in room: Split occurence added
[DROFUS-34242] - Update occurrences from Excel (with occurrence id) now updates occurrences not in room

And bug fixes

New Features

[DROFUS-33715] - Support for ArchiCAD 20.
[DROFUS-34059] - Update Help Menu in Client
[DROFUS-27745] - Expose parameters of the Door hosts (wall type, fire rating, thickness) in Revit for syncing with dRofus occurrences.
[DROFUS-28898] - Expose more parameters of Window, Door and Wall instances in Revit for syncing with dRofus occurrences.
[DROFUS-29384] - Export, import and update occurrence finishes categories from Excel
[DROFUS-29383] - Export/import/update item classifications from Excel
[DROFUS-29338] - Make IFC properties and IFC Attributes available for syncing with Room parameters in ArchiCAD
[DROFUS-28141] - Make Zone Category, Renovation status and Floor parameters available for syncing with dRofus Room parameters via the Add-On for ArchiCAD
[DROFUS-28829] - Add more unit types and conversions when syncing to Revit
[DROFUS-23753] - Item and occurrence attribute Configuration should be bound to a category or sub-category in Revit
[DROFUS-29959] - Archicad 19 support
[DROFUS-27790] - Sub-item as a parameter on items and occurrences
[DROFUS-29837] - Add "Operasjoner" to the Export "Vedlikeholdsrutiner" in TIDA (Norwegian fix)
[DROFUS-31211] - Add option to revert to "old" value for specification of an Item from the log window
[DROFUS-31614] - Add additional fields to the Delivery module excel export
[DROFUS-31527] - Use multicategory config in Link occurrence dialog in Revit
[DROFUS-31497] - Make children of multiple selected Items + Select "Become Parent" in Items overview
[DROFUS-31495] - Open "new" Item details window from "old" UI
[DROFUS-31459] - Added "Transfer Occurrences" in Items overview
[DROFUS-31362] - Toolbar behavior improvements
[DROFUS-28631] - Users should be able to edit/change tender group from new item properties
[DROFUS-27754] - Copy sub-items when creating a new child of an item
[DROFUS-31495] - Open "new" Item details window from "old" UI
[DROFUS-31672] - Expose prameters (for Revit Category Air Terminals) in config
[DROFUS-31615] - Update order and individuals from Excel
[DROFUS-26339] - Advanced search for Items
[DROFUS-31648] - Improve/finish "filter" for new Items overview
[DROFUS-30943] - Swap on occurrence in new item interface
[DROFUS-31526] - Add context menus to item perspective
[DROFUS-31552] - IFC support like "old" client in new items overview
[DROFUS-32008] - Spanish language and translation
[DROFUS-31690] - Create occurrence<->ifc instances match list
[DROFUS-24891] - Occurrence sync for none-room bound occurrences in Revit plug-in
[DROFUS-32211] - Expose values from sub of subs as subproperties aggregated in client
[DROFUS-30824]-  Improve list pagination
[DROFUS-29380] - Systemfamilies should show in the items in room list in Revit
[DROFUS-32153] - Add Revit 2017 support
[DROFUS-32124] - Occurrence data filter in search for items
[DROFUS-32285] - Sticky search in Items overview
[DROFUS-32444] - Search for a product
[DROFUS-32445] - Add unit price to product + list all when project is selected
[DROFUS-32504] - Ctrl+E Export to Excel Missing
[DROFUS-32505] - Add column for "(has) documents" in product view
[DROFUS-32620] - The Specification pane should be disabled when a Sub-Item is selected.
[DROFUS-32643] - Add product manufacturer field also to offered item in procurement
[DROFUS-32805] - Must be possible to add document to system components
[DROFUS-32243] - [Revit] Reuse the infrastructure from the "Import Systems" module in the "Import non-room based occurrences"
[DROFUS-32872] - Individual report with export of item-related data (type, occurence, etc) to facilitate a more efficient handover at the end of a dRofus project
[DROFUS-33225] - Update/import occurrences with derived equipment lists from Excel
[DROFUS-33058] - Multiple default perspective layouts
[DROFUS-33059] - Items context-menu for showing related views
[DROFUS-33061] - Create a Reports/Export ribbon tab
[DROFUS-33060] - Improve ribbon experience for read only users
[DROFUS-30376] - Log on component and system


[PB-322] - BIM ID is searchable when adding Items in the Finishes Items List
[PB-499] - Increase max. number of characters from 9 to 13 for Numeric Type Fields in DYN GUI
[PB-513] - Office 64 bit Support
[PB-349] - Delete items if there is an occurrence (with warning)
[PB-279] - More dynamic ribbon when working with occurrences
[PB-669] - In ArchiCAD plug-in, the equipment in hidden layers also disappear from `Show model equipment`
[PB-733] - In Revit plug-in, provided an option to show/hide matched items in the Items in Room Window
[DROFUS-33468] - Add object layer parameter in Planned vs designed equipment report in Archicad
[DROFUS-33697] - Remove Bifrost to avoid AntiVirus issues
[DROFUS-32823] - Save custom column setup when assigning finishes to rooms.
[DROFUS-28942] - Add menu option to export reports to XML from the "Items" window
[DROFUS-29624] - Optimize opening of large documents in TIDA
[DROFUS-31518] - Occurrences - labels on dyn gui properties are shown in the wrong position
[DROFUS-32412] - The Model and Comment fields from procurement should be included in items in room excel export
[DROFUS-32610] - Product specification should reflect locked tender spec and not be editable if in tender
[DROFUS-32624] - Change naming from "Classification" to "Document category" when you upload/link documets to Items/Products
[DROFUS-32673] - The top tab does not update from «Views»
[DROFUS-32812] - In "Documents" section: Move node "Uncategorized" to root so it's on the same level as "Document category"
[DROFUS-32814] - Copy sheets function in Excel export
[DROFUS-32640] - Sorting null and empty values simmilar
[DROFUS-32803] - Product visibility for products in tender
[DROFUS-32809] - Item images must be clearly marked so they are not mistaken for product images
[DROFUS-32810] - Add description text in "Image" pane that explains what you have selected
[DROFUS-32811] - Add option for "Add image" in toolbar for Items
[DROFUS-32815] - Create setting to change label on Regitration No on individuals in procurement module
[DROFUS-31869] - Make file download support multiple files (and download to a directory)
[DROFUS-32813] - Add column for #products for occurrences of Item
[DROFUS-32873] - Linked model spaces - from spaces
[DROFUS-32900] - Make file upload support multiple files
[DROFUS-32333] - Øke bredden på søkefelt (TIDA) (Norwegian fix)
[DROFUS-32874] - Multi Level Function Name Mapping in Revit Area Parameters
[DROFUS-33013] - Improve quick search work flow for product and items
[DROFUS-33057] - Sub item properties in dialog
[DROFUS-33079] - Show pictures and document tab in the ArticleWindow
[DROFUS-33090] - Not possible to export RDS-template to Excel.
[DROFUS-33091] - Add status bar for syncronizing item - Families in Revit
[DROFUS-33133] - Expose occurrence "priority" in the "Items in level" report in Revit plug-in
[DROFUS-33226] - Change List missing Deleted Rooms
[DROFUS-33227] - Search tab within Items-in-Room window
[DROFUS-33228] - Function Structure Administation Sort Order By Number
[DROFUS-33241] - Copy fuknsjon i TIDA er "farlig"
[DROFUS-33319] - Add description to classifications
[DROFUS-33326] - Hide empty groups when item view filter is applied
[DROFUS-33340] - ToolBar CanExecute is not done on background thread anymore
[DROFUS-33319] - Add description to classifications
[DROFUS-33350] - Improve help text for complex values in new Excel exporter
[DROFUS-33389] - When opened from subs list, button can execute checks in images + docs tabs in article dialog works on the selected articles's images/docs, not those of the sub item
[DROFUS-33089] - Import system includes items in system
[DROFUS-33387] - When creating a new product - supplier and manufacturer should be in the "new" dialog
[DROFUS-33443] - Put images and documents tabs lasts in article dialog
[DROFUS-32967] - Show in list status bar that the list is loading
[DROFUS-33423] - Improve Excel and Office integration
[DROFUS-33365] - None visible pane should not load data to improve performance
[DROFUS-33367] - Improve performance when selecting items


And bug fixes

New Features

[DROFUS-27911] - Allow installing dRofus Add-On on French and other non-English versions of ArchiCAD (ArchiCAD Addin)
[DROFUS-25442] - ArchiCAD 18 support (ArchiCAD Addin)
[DROFUS-28140] - Type, From/To Room parameters are now available as instance parameters syncable to dRofus in Revit (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-28051] - Item data available as instance parameters in Revit (Revit Plugin)

[DROFUS-27736] - Syncronize door to/door from parameters to occurence data (Revit Plugin)
It is relevant to see both the "door too" and "door from" parameters in a door schedule reported from dRofus     

[DROFUS-27638] - Put "[Copy] Linked model rooms" and "[Copy] Linked model spaces" directly on the toolbar in a drop down button (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-27637] - Delete superfluous rooms during copy rooms from linked model (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-27615] - Copy all attributes from linked models which is in the current configuration (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-27451] - Problems with copy/update rooms from linked model in Revit 2015 fixed (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-27130] - Update equipment in template when room equipment list is connected to template (Revit Plugin)

[DROFUS-25757] - Use Revits To/From room for doors to identify room in dRofus (To if set, else From) (Revit Plugin)
Currently an occurrence in dRofus can only be in one room. But in order to allow the user to control what room a door should be in in dRofus we now read these parameters from Revit.             

[DROFUS-25691] - Select all and Deselect all in import room from Revit (Revit Plugin)

[DROFUS-25186] - Create spaces from rooms in linked models in Revit (Revit Plugin)
"MEP consultants had an issue when they linked in the Architectural file and created spaces by autoplace, and thereafter used ""space naming utility"" or similar to get numbers and names. The autoplace function filled all ""empty"" areas with spaces and Revit identified the numbering in use. I.e. in some cases Revit created spaces with numbers similar to the key attribute and this resulted in duplicates etc.With this new feature dRofus can create spaces from linked files (like we have done with create rooms from linked files), this would ensure a much better workflow and robust data exchange for MEP spaces."             

[DROFUS-24494] - Automatic IFC upload to dRofus model server from the Revit plug-in (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-23135] - Image import from Revit families to dRofus items (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-20720] - Enable "FF&E in level/model" for MEP spaces (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-15259] - Transfer wall area from Revit (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-18134] - Copy subs items and children when copying an item
[DROFUS-28191] - Revit 2016 support (Revit Plugin) 
[DROFUS-28189] - Support for French language
[DROFUS-28061] - Terminology change: "FF&E" Will be replaced with "Item"                        
[DROFUS-27824] - Change RDS/Equipment status for multiple rooms with the same status
[DROFUS-27690] - Add "Last changed" to Equipment excel export
[DROFUS-27590] - Function Program as an Excel export                    
[DROFUS-27256] - Add text search (contains etc.) for combo box fields in "advanced" search in room and items list                   

[DROFUS-26247]  - Added support for "Move occurrence" from one room to another
Fixed so all occurrence data will follow when occurrences are moved between rooms

[DROFUS-26057] - Excel import for Finishes to rooms and room templates
[DROFUS-30123] - Show flag no and group no in dyn gui editor
[DROFUS-30113] - Excel export exception messages are not properly displayed to the user
[DROFUS-29988] - Possibility to change name on item templates with read access for rooms
[DROFUS-29959] - Archicad 19 support
[DROFUS-32153] - Add Revit 2017 support
[DROFUS-32412] - The Model and Comment fields from procurement should be included in items in room excel export (old)           


[DROFUS-27410] - Bug in Revit 2015 prevents moving rooms to a different location when copying rooms from linked model in Revit (Revit Plugin)
A bug in the API resulted in problems when copying rooms from linked models that had changed position in the linked model. If it is Revit 2015 and the user has to move the room. We should instead give the user an option to a) Skip this room, b) delete and copy a new room.

[DROFUS-27073] - Improvements to the FF&E<->Family window (Revit Plugin)
1. Sort the columns of linked items
2. Add available columns with a right click
3. Search functionality in the Revit unlink items
4. Export linked FF&E items to Excel

[DROFUS-26968] - "Update dRofus" in the "FF&E in Model" dialog will respect the discrepancy filter. (Revit Plugin)

[DROFUS-25984] - Improved the of linking and synchronizing data of instances in the "Equipment in Room" dialog (Revit Plugin)
Improvements done:
- Added two options to ""automatically"" resolve two common problems when syncing data: ""Auto match"" if multiple occurrences and multiple instances, but do not care which instances are linked to which occurrences. And ""Auto split"" to split an occurrence if it is linked/matched to instances that are pushing different values into dRofus (e.g. split if two different colors on items linked to the same occurrence in dRofus).
- Simplified error message and hits to options if it is something that can be resolved by setting an option.
- When selecting an linked occurrence or instances in the equipment in room dialog - the instance(s) are selected in Revit"

[DROFUS-25556] - Sort list in autolink FF&E window in alphabetical order (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-27200] - Multiple improvements in RDS <-> FF&E rule check window
[DROFUS-27905] - Improved danish language
[DROFUS-27710] - Extend code length on equipment and RDS templates
[DROFUS-27675] - .Net framework issue resolved
[DROFUS-27572] - Improvements to the "Equipment in room" Excel regarding Alternatives and Sub-components from the Procurement module
[DROFUS-27201] - Show note icon in equipment templates
[DROFUS-26603] - Improvements to room logs on Deleted rooms
[DROFUS-26074] - Create project reports with read access is now allowed                              

And bug fixes

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