New features


[PB-4047] Serial number should only show the serial number, and not serial number + child number


[DROFUS-55000] TFM import should allow characters in serial


[DROFUS-53937] Expose more column on Connection -> Primary System -> System on Occurrence


[PB-865] Make "Sub-Item To" Field Available in the Advanced Configured Excel Export for Item Occurrence Exports
[PB-3845] Show number of fields that will be included in excel import
[PB-3664] Add more "Log" options to "Item Data Report"


[DROFUS-53689] Handling duplicate numbering when adding component to system
[DROFUS-53878] Allow item type classification serial no length to be user defined
[PB-1893] Update terminology for Groups, Status, and Classification on Import/Update Rooms


[PB-3769] Warning when deleting Excel exports in Advanced Excel Configuration
[PB-3768] "Select all" option in column filters
[PB-3766] Update Item status from Excel
[PB-3762] Better terminology and organization in Area panel
[PB-3756] PowerQuery available in Room function Excel export
[PB-3650] Expose Items Child number as a separate attribute to sync/show in lists
[PB-3647] Improved column headings in Area panel
[PB-3586] Support for Revit 2021
[PB-3585] Implement Finnish as new language
[PB-3568] Import classification from Archicad BIM DATA xml format
[PB-3544] New system attributes to list members and support for system composite texts
[PB-3538] More Item identifiers in "Import/update systems and components
[PB-3520] Sort database for client login drop down
[PB-3486] Update system memberships in dRofus when syncing occurrences via items <-> family types dialog in Revit
[PB-3428] Set the percentage factor as Read Only
[PB-3427] Import/update occurrences from Excel - now includes subs as properties
[PB-3383] Bottom up calculations for areas
[PB-3374] Added Reference to item search when adding a new occurrence to template
[PB-3258] System Membership in dRofus updates after sync when changing system for component in Revit
[PB-3216] Multiple select and move documents from one document category to another
[PB-2400] Copy Room Template Custom Fields to matching Room Core Fields
[PB-1776] Add dyn gui properties to project and functions
[PB-871] Ability to copy information from item with responsibility I only have limited access to
[PB-772] Multiple Item Copy from Item Overview
[PB-434] Ability to import classifications from Excel and XML
[PB-315] Save view layouts for perspectives
[PB-117] Search field in Revit systems <--> dRofus systems window
[PB-3760] Remove occurrences with zero quantity from Room Template Data report
[PB-865] Make "Sub-Item To" Field Available in the Advanced Configured Excel Export for Item Occurrence Exports
[PB-3593] Unit conversion from ArchiCAD

[DROFUS-50893] "Select all" option in column filters
[DROFUS-53294] Add procurement status (text) as a column for occurrences
[DROFUS-53242] Primary system now updates if system membership is removed/changed in Revit
[DROFUS-53130] Add Excel export for Agreement files
[DROFUS-53016] Improve labling of dyn UI fields in Excel imports
[DROFUS-52848] Archicad 24 plug-in compatibility
[DROFUS-52700] Show Category-specific configurations in Sync Log in Revit
[DROFUS-52447] Added Delivery statuses as attributes to tender orders
[DROFUS-52349] Improve error message for when an item can not be found during component import from Revit
[DROFUS-52177] Allow three letter component type codes when importing components from Excel
[DROFUS-52169] Option to search in all components when adding to system
[DROFUS-52002] Show occurrence Attribute Configurations as URL's in Items and System sync dialogs
[DROFUS-51934] Revit CabelTrays dimensional parameters available for sync in Revit
[DROFUS-51713] Detailed sync log when synchronizing components from Revit
[DROFUS-51661] Expose IFC guid as property for occurrences
[DROFUS-51643] New import rooms from Exce
[DROFUS-51513] Import classification by column hierarchy
[DROFUS-51493] New import items from excel
[DROFUS-51303] Enable synchronization of "Is member of Systems" and "Primary System" fields for components that belong to multiple systems in Revit.
[DROFUS-51147] Improve performance of occurrence nested sub property attributes
[DROFUS-50896] Add multiple occurrences to system, create new system for each component
[DROFUS-50893] Numeric fields in admin settings should allow blank input
[DROFUS-50048] Remove the field for gross area on room
[DROFUS-33336] Add an option to hide Families that are not used in the model in the "Items <-> Families" dialog
[DROFUS-52248] Add support for specifying parent item for Item import/update from Excel
[DROFUS-52470] Add rule to make component part of occurrence classification number unique in TFM numbering Classification
[DROFUS-52444] Enable log on deleted occurrences



[PB-4137] Filtering applied to 'Room Data Status short' does not work
[PB-4143] Server time-out while generating Excel Export
[PB-4116] Parameter exchange dRofus-Revit: Unable to understand the value 3.40000


[DROFUS-55880] Moving room occurrence to another category fails


[DROFUS-55880] Moving room occurrence to another category fails
[PB-4068] Cannot Use Both Room Classification & Room Group Filters in PDF RDS
[PB-4101] Viewfilter for item-specification does not show valuefields for occurrences
[DROFUS-26401] RDS report for room templates don't work if you have a space after the text in the code
[DROFUS-55615] Unspecified crash in occurrence list after clicking 'show all' when this means loading 50k+ occurrences
[PB-3416] Crash when using a Revit Key Schedule and the value is Null
[PB-4057] ArchiCAD triumphs data format over dRofus data formatting, creating issues with decimal numbers (',' and '.' differences)


[PB-4110] With 'Include Occurrences' ticked, Batch PDF with Custom Filename Does Not Work
[PB-4129] Partial Copy Item GUI is replacing all
[PB-4068] Cannot Use Both Room Classification & Room Group Filters in PDF RDS
[PB-4096] Items in Room report: Multiple room group selection doesn't work
[PB-3996] IFC Property Set and IFC Property generator in Dynamic GUI doesn't work and should be removed
[PB-4003] Missing Room Template Room Data matching
[PB-4013] Click and drag documents to 'Documents' panel don't work in detail view
[PB-4043] Issues in Updating Classifications From Excel


[PB-4133] Import/Update Occurrences fails to assign new Occurrences to Rooms
[DROFUS-53313] During selection in ArchiCAD with Property Panel open, addin could return error
[DROFUS-54587] Complex value in Excel containing special symbols in expression fails
[DROFUS-55022] 'Choose Item Group' dialog doesn't close when pressing 'Ok'
[DROFUS-55063] Wrong title in 'Product Data' panel
[DROFUS-55190] Timeout during Revit-sync when syncing system and attaching to system components with no systems in database
[PB-3904] Fixed wrong sorting in Area panel for groups
[PB-3929] 'Create Unique' button for Room Data doesn't work
[DROFUS-54915] Crash when updating Room Occurrence from Excel
[DROFUS-54916] Make sure not all exceptions are caught in Importer from Excel
[DROFUS-54917] No longer possible to map one column to more than one attribute in Excel importer


[PB-3929] 'Create Unique' button for Room Data doesn't work
[PB-3974] Zero quantity items no longer appearing in PDF RDS-reports
[PB-3983] Specific Room Templates 'Room Data Report' not working in specific databases + servers
[PB-3674] Not possible to edit 'Change list' and 'Log note' for Occurrence GUI fields (Items in Room-log)
PB-3929 Room Data 'Create Unique' button does not update the interface
[PB-3964] Change status on multiple occurrences at the same time, results in deleted product information

[PB-3893] Edit/Delete classification on more than 10 items at a time not possible if items already has a classification
[PB-3905] Owner Admin can use other people's databases as template


[PB-4115] Item specification report with documents in [database] not working
[DROFUS-54004] Crash when selecting a tab in the Navigation Pane after having modified a property value without saving
[DROFUS-53569] Crashes on background threads are not reported
[DROFUS-54037] Cannot import empty cells from Excel
[PB-3883] Programmed area from room template gets copied on rooms even when have that box unchecked under "apply template"
[PB-3892] Duplicated column references no longer prevent import
[PB-3895] Subs as properties not shown when user has read only access


[DROFUS-53886] Import systems in Revit fails while trying to set primary system
[PB-3727] Settings when "linking Revit rooms to dRofus rooms" does not remember column selection
PB-3875 New Excel import/update window does not show value fields as default in standard mode
[PB-3885] "Include Occurrences" Checkbox Not Remembered Within a Saved-As PDF Report


[DROFUS-54723] Closing Item dialog in system browser is very slow
[DROFUS-53101] Missing occurrence in the procurement module
[DROFUS-53760] Crash when downloading Revit family files for ceilings
[PB-3945] Date format getting randomly mixed up in DynGUI date fields on import and export
[PB-3967] Excel export, duplicate labels in 'Items in room / Occurrences' export
[PB-3810] Syncing nested Families to sub items "Calculate Quantity" defaults to "No"
[PB-3844] Automatic fill of columns to import does not update if changing Excel-tab to import
[PB-3874] New Excel import/update does not read Excel formula results
[PB-3827] Sub items are not under the main item in room template report
[PB-3884] "In Room Function" the Filter is Not Working in a Number of Items PDF-Reports


[PB-3822] Function Data in Room Properties Results in an Error
[PB-3789] Unable to Move Up or Down Room/Template Properties, Measurements & Composite Text Fields
[PB-3832] Gross Area and Gross/Net factor not exporting to XML correct
[DROFUS-53715] English as fallback language isn't working in Revit plugin
[DROFUS-53327] Instances moved out of room in Revit doesn't get it's room relationship removed in dRofus
[DROFUS-53760] Crash when downloading Revit family files for ceilings


[PB-3817] Import Update Excel on Rooms bugs


[PB-3806] Designed-Programmed calculations not working
[PB-3818] All actions in Revit Add-in for Items to Family, result in unknown error