New features

[PB-2704] - Generate + Import Images of Rooms from ARCHICAD to dRofus using Add On
[PB-3048] - Search in Reports and Exports module
[PB-3470] - Make "Advanced configuration" more accessable
[PB-3411] - PDF reports: More image layout options (portrait)
[PB-3057] - Picture grids for PDF reports
[PB-2306] - Classification in Room Reports
[PB-2931] - Dyn GUI date field value exports to excel as number (not date)
[PB-2704] - Generate + Import Images of Rooms from ARCHICAD to dRofus using Add On
[PB-3184] - Edit Item data on existing equipment from "Items in room"
[PB-1063] - Sub items included when adding main item to a system
[PB-3442] - Add "Categories" for item Lists/Finishes as an option to column picker and Excel exports
[PB-3479] - Support for NORVAR TFM-kode
[PB-3380] - Improve the time it takes to synchronize items/systems (and related occurrences) with revit
[PB-3467] - Export missing columns from revit lists
[PB-3461] - Edit Design BGSF w/o Admin Rights
[PB-3258] - Improvements to System Membership in dRofus after sync when changing system for component in Revit
[PB-3177] - Revit plug in: changing a family to another one should give corresponding TFM komponent kode
[PB-3341] - Add more data types in room measurements
[PB-3261] - Add columns for "Document Category" to Document Panels
[PB-3318] - Connect to Room Id for Import/Update Occurrences
[PB-2667] - Importing Images to Item Occurrences from computer
[PB-1873] - Possibility to Copy Room Data from a Room Template to another Room Template
[DROFUS-50532] - Checkbox for showing image captions
[DROFUS-50469] - Add all datasources as available Excel exports
[DROFUS-50361] - Full context for group label in excel export column picker
[DROFUS-49669] - Styling of column picker in Excel exports
[DROFUS-50000] - Create classification filters
[DROFUS-49575] - Text color as new option in PDF reports
[DROFUS-49603] - Restore button in PDF option view
[DROFUS-48242] - New Report and exports module
[DROFUS-47925] - Favorite reports and exports
[DROFUS-49318] - Import room functions from Excel
[DROFUS-50281] - Add nessecarry TIDA excel exports in 2.4
[DROFUS-46754] - Filters and Search in systems module now include hits on systems and system components
[DROFUS-48653] - Swap Item in dRofus if Family types has changed in Revit during occurrence sync
[DROFUS-49659] - Use new helptext control in existing items dialog
[DROFUS-21524] - Improve purchase excel exports

2.4.29 bug fixes

[PB-3776] Excel export for room templates exports templates that does not exist
[PB-3781] The QR code in the Item data report will generate wrong link
Bug fixes
[PB-3750] When syncing all occurrences of a wall type that have been used in a stacked wall, the whole synchronisation failed
[PB-3711] If importing occurrences window is closed because unresponsive, then some occurrences are still imported
[PB-3742] Support for linked model file paths from Autodesk Desktop Connector in Revit BIM360, BIM360
[PB-3767] Filter Not Include Price on Item Data Report should also exclude Product Price
[PB-3745] Remove room filter option on and move Only Used filter on Item Data Report
[PB-3725] Cost of existing items only 4+2 digits
[PB-3618] Cannot Excel Export out Rooms that are marked as deleted when using Ctrl+E
[PB-3701] Room Data XML-exports filtered results generate zero quantity
[PB-3673] Duplicated field names in PowerQuery is not allowed
[PB-3685] Excel-reports Itemfile, roomfile etc. not exporting documents under "not categorized"
[PB-3613] Overwritten item specification not available for existing items
[PB-3668] Can't see all fields from IFC in client attribute configuration
[PB-3672] Non Admin Users Cannot Generate Shared Advanced Configured Excel Exports
[PB-3493] Items Type Filter now supports alpha-numerically sorting
[PB-3587] All Measured (SM) Values in Revit no longer Shows as (SF) in the Linked Rooms Status Dialog
[PB-3632] Support for Update Rooms with Group Values Via Excel in 2.4
[PB-3384] Revit plug in: using 'import selected' functionality should give corresponding TFM komponent kode after switching family type
[PB-3394] dRofus Excel export window (project reports) empty after reset cache
[PB-3220] Export button non-functional in Revit Add-In, Items tab, Items in...
[PB-3382] Swap items also when you sync systems in Revit
[PB-3380] Improve the time it takes to synchronize items/systems (and related occurrences) with Revit
[PB-3446] "Ctrl + E" Does Not Respect Current Filter Within Items in Level / Model Window
[PB-3474] "Only Used in Rooms / Templates" not available as filter in the Built-In Excel Export in 2.4
[PB-3471] Sheet selection option missing for Excels uploaded as Templates in 2.4
[PB-3472] Start writing to column option missing for Excels uploaded as Templates in 2.4
[PB-3475] Correct file ending when exporting XLSM with COM format and Improve format selection and help
[PB-3498] Exporting to excel template containing calculated field causes crash every time (even if that field is not within export range)
[PB-3522] Can't edit quantity of a sub-item
[PB-3523] Custom Room Property no longer reporting in Room Report
[PB-3517] dRofus not recognizing columns very well when importing new Excel exports
[PB-3459] Unwanted split occurrences of based on circuit for electrical families
[PB-3443] Forced Blanks within Item Group Number when Using Composite Text for Occurrences
[PB-3535] Import/update products does not auto match product data
[PB-3513] Cannot 'Save as' in new report module
[PB-3445] "Save Default" within Add/Remove Columns in Items in Level / Model Does Not Work
[PB-3529] Revit areas auto sync with Tracking On reports wrong areas
[PB-3540] Can't Edit or Delete Excel Exports without Advanced Configuration
[PB-3545] Update components does not work with NORVAR codes
[PB-2310] When deleting rooms in Revit with "Track changes on", the option: "Delete from Revit and update dRofus" does not clear the data synced from Revit to a dRofus Group parameter
[PB-3552] Search in Reports and Exports doesn't update
[PB-3561] Updating classification for Items from excel fails
[PB-3563] User Defined Title and Sub title in PDF Reports not working
[PB-3571] PDF reports not reloaded properly after clearing cache in 2.4
[PB-3569] Templated Excel Exports do not Recognise Allocated Sheet Names with Spaces / Special Characters
[PB-3584] Not possible to filter out sub-items in Excel exports
[PB-3597] Built in report "room list" not showing information in added fields
[PB-3616] Filter Selection(s) for 'Item List Equals / Not Equals' in Excel Export is not getting Saved

[DROFUS-53215] Clearing Keys in Revit does not work for system families
[DROFUS-52225] Can't update status on more than 10 occurences at a time
[DROFUS-52373] User with room rights does not see derived marking
[DROFUS-52259] Component sync no longer ignores current article/system attribute config as chosen
[DROFUS-49842] PowerQuery button not visible on saved excel reports
[DROFUS-49843] PowerQuery does not show latest included columns
[DROFUS-25571] Alter or delete responsibility may fail when it's granted to users
[DROFUS-50082] Excel export from list crashes for at least two different reasons
[DROFUS-50252] Crash when exporting file list in room dialog to excel
[DROFUS-50251] Crash when deleting an excel export in advanced editor
[DROFUS-50363] Exporting room data report to XML using view filter returns empty RDS node in XML
[DROFUS-50380] Renaming a folder (PDF or Excel) does not update the content view
[DROFUS-50391] Choose room group dialog shows wrong group type when reloading
[DROFUS-50456] Report Rooms -> Items in room contains empty Images filter group
[DROFUS-50472] Handling of static options ending with &foo fails
[DROFUS-50533] Generate button is inactive for all multisheet exports
[DROFUS-50604] Not admin user should have disabpled modification buttons for shared excel Export column picker
[DROFUS-50633] Do not show ExcelExportDataSourceView for multipage excel export even if only one datasource
[DROFUS-50362] The set of options included in report URL is wrong for saved reports
[DROFUS-50708] Saving of Built-in excel export does not save the selected columns
[DROFUS-50816] Missing refresh when updating fixed value property in excel export
[DROFUS-51067] Crash when copying an export in advanced editor
[DROFUS-51210] New statuses disappears from the settings menu
[DROFUS-50654] Add new translations to Norwegian
[DROFUS-51307] Component import fails if system component exists with no system
[DROFUS-51311] Excel import does not import requested sheet
[DROFUS-51411] Several issues related to IN-filters
[DROFUS-51589] Item List properties not showing for template occurrences