2.3.40 Bug Fix update

[PB-2066] - Help text bugs in Item and Room Data panels/windows
[PB-3154] - In RDS user don't see scroll bar in the multi-line edit.
[PB-3158] - After creating main Item-group I can not create more main groups
[PB-3215] - The top node for occurrence GUI data in "Add/remove columns" has wrong name
[DROFUS-49300] - Removing and adding the same sub item to an item that is used in a template will crash the client when created/created_by column is used
[DROFUS-49350] - Crash when dragging unsaved flag in Dynamic GUI Editor
[DROFUS-49403] - Crash when trying to create room data for a deleted room
[DROFUS-49421] - Crash when exporting project properties to excel containing StaticAttributeDefintions

2.3.39 Update

New features

[PB-827] - Activate lognote and changelist also for room template
[PB-1009] - Possibility to define number of digits for child items
[DROFUS-49130] - Support for NS-TFM numbering rules


[PB-3194] - Column filter not working properly for editable combo box
[DROFUS-49060] - Column Filter -> enter '.' at the end of some numeric values (quantity) causes crash
[DROFUS-49341] - Modules menu should be scrollable

2.3.37 Bug Fix update

[PB-3243] - Values in editable combo box showing different values depending on room rights
[PB-3263] - Numeric values in derived rooms get rounded and derived without changing them
[PB-3275] - Sorting by headers in documents not functioning
[DROFUS-49069] - Show warning if, during excel occurrence import, no valid rows are found
[DROFUS-48974] - Crash in occurrence property panel related to showing the current product
[DROFUS-48991] - Crash in excel import when there are more than one matching headers for the same property
[DROFUS-48901] - Crash when opening IFC

2.3.36 Bug Fix update

[PB-3230] - Exported Revit Views are named wrong - displays without brackets

2.3.35 Bug Fix update

[PB-3234] - Import occurrence from excel crash when selecting a specific item list
[DROFUS-48934] - Crash in room excel import due to duplicate room function number for room templates
[DROFUS-48996] - Crash when linking in revit

2.3.34 Bug Fix update

[PB-3206] - Item groups don't show in order since update
[PB-3223] - The import occurrences from Excel is missing lookup values on rooms compared to 2.2
[DROFUS-48602] - Crash when multi-selecting two occurrences without article when occurrence property panel is visible
[DROFUS-48843] - Prevent crashing when property view elements may be null
[DROFUS-49000] - Report crashes when running room list report with selected columns


New features;

[PB-2760] Include Project User Groups when Create New Project from Template
[PB-2832] Ability to Map / Concatenate the Code and Name Fields at all the Various Levels of the Classification Structure
[PB-2976] Exclude Item List status from Core in Room Data reports and show next to item list instead 
[PB-3120] Option to not include QR Code when generating PDF Reports
[PB-2953] Option to choose (yes/no) when changing Subitem as properties on Item, that has Occurences with other Subitems as properties than the Item itself
[DROFUS-48234] Displays the recently used IFC files in a dropdown
[DROFUS-47513] Do POST to start reports
[PB-2805] When Synchronizing Rooms make Revit Plugin remember user's last checkbox selection, when "uploading changes to central model"
[DROFUS-47513] Show report progress in dialog box
[PB-3030] Add "Document category" and "Filepath" to document data-sources in 'Configure Excel exports'
[PB-3044] Tender group navigation in item module
[PB-2463] Ability to import Contact Details
[DROFUS-47306] Improve performance of item group tree with lots of item groups
[PB-2373] Excel import of sub Items
[PB-3005] Add product during System/Component Excel import
[PB-2789] Show QR code in reports
[DROFUS-38077] Import rooms from IFC space
[DROFUS-43781] Import System Components and Components from Excel
[DROFUS-47080] Sync occurrence to IFC
[DROFUS-47283] When adding equipment to a room, and an item is already chosen, show suggested items from the same group.
[PB-1007] Possibility to download all documents, or all documents in a category from dRofus
[PB-2783] Delete occurrences in dRofus created from Revit, that no longer exist in Revit.
[PB-2364] Stay on the selected User Profile when a User Group is removed
[PB-1030] Option to leave Room name in model when unlinking Room from dRofus
[PB-753] Hide Revit nested Families in Equipment in Room
[PB-1894] Replace Document File
[PB-2074] Display properties of sub-item/sub-occurrence if they are selected
[PB-2791] Show responsibility from selected item in Create System Component dialog
[PB-1107] Change Name of Feature "Copy Chosen Classifications" to include "and Statuses" in administration system
[PB-2671] Change default username to email when creating new users
[DROFUS-47082] Revit 2020 support
[PB-2449] Change terminology in client: Name “Finishes List” changed to “List with Categories”
[PB-2673] Update Items from Excel with “Reference” field as key
[PB-2722] Option to upload a Design File in PDF Reports with any file type (*.***)
[PB-2737] Make "Add members" allow you to select multiple occurrences to add
[PB-2780] Add product info properties in component/system component Properties panel
[PB-825] LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) integration in admin system
[PB-2763] Improve the graphical look of the current PDF reports
[PB-2764] Tidy up in the report selection interface for PDFs
[PB-2483] Add independent names on system components and components
[PB-2839] Improve "Add to system" dialog
[PB-2864] Make excel export fetch data directly from database
[PB-2868] Increase Item level depth item number from 4 to 5
[PB-2884] Change Project Type Name from 'Deprecated' to 'Archived'
[DROFUS-46276] Add sync button in occurrence Property Panel
[PB-2870] Occurrence (and system component and component) (serial) number validation
[DROFUS-46629] Allow adding occurrence with subs from different responsibility to item list locked to parent items responsibility
[PB-2812] Show gross/net group areas in area pane
[PB-2846] Show group gross/net on project PP
[PB-2848] Option to generate unique serial number within item group
[PB-2849] Option to enforce unique serial number within item group
[PB-1735] Admin Log/Time Format the same YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM
[PB-2623] Add user created date and user last login date for export
[PB-2822] Report a list of documents and show the connections to each document
[PB-1795] Gross Area per group
[PB-2831] ‘Add/Remove columns’ to show all levels of the Classification Structure
[PB-2643] Import shared nested revit families as sub-items
[PB-2550] Remember option for programmed area and room name overwrite when linking a template to room
[PB-2623] Add user created date and user last login date for export
[PB-2591] Group name in column titles
[PB-2477] Better way of adding new System Components in dRofus
[DROFUS-46189] Change default name for creating family type in dRofus to type name only
[PB-1218] Better way of adding new components in dRofus
[DROFUS-45612] Make new system browser support digging deeper down through the hierarchy
[PB-2480] Ability to copy "Company" information together with all associated data
[PB-2692] Make "Add to system" work for multiple selected occurrences
[PB-2679] Sort on User Groups on Admin Site
[PB-385] Copy system component - copy systems and members
[DROFUS-45635] Add ‘sub-as-property’ ID as an available property for synchronizing with Revit
[PB-2677] Import rooms from ARCHICAD using add-on
[PB-1151] Change template type
[DROFUS-45110] Reintroduce TIDA in 2.3
[PB-2657] Set custom resolution for image import
[PB-1405] “Show in Revit” option from “Link Status” on Room Sync
[PB-873] Assign Responsibility to Item via Item Group Settings
[DROFUS-45019] System visualilzation in dRofus WEB
[PB-2662] Let IFC room count in areas window show without synced areas
[PB-2486] Upload images from Revit without highlighting
[PB-2058] Summaries in room list footer
[DROFUS-46739] ARCHICAD 23 Support
[PB-1585] Item List ID visible in Admin settings
[PB-2744] More links to dRofus WEB (from client and plugins)
[PB-2918] Update XF designer templates to look like the built-in reports