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New Features

[DROFUS-43445] – Support for ArchiCAD 22
[DROFUS-41722] – Support for Revit 2019
[DROFUS-41061] – Released new MSI-version 
[PB-2090] – Remember password on login
[PB-2091] – In Revit automatically login
[DROFUS-42111] – Strengthen the password rule to 8 characters
[PB-40] – Possibility to convert Unique status to Derived from Room Template
[PB-1814] – Allowed planning areas on all levels in function structure
[PB-1798] – Improved Areas for functions, with sharing gross/net factor on all levels in the function structure 
[PB-2381] – Added calculations on the top level in Areas view 
[PB-1796] – In the Room function structure, added Project Area parameters on the top-level of the structure
[PB-1600] – Added possibility to add sum of the Room measurements - fields in the function-area view
[PB-2108] – Added log for project parameters
[PB-482] – Improve "Track changes" to sync when updating Room in Revit
[DROFUS-37339] – In Revit, added the new attribute picker for choosing columns [DROFUS-42908] – In Revit, added link/unlink option to Occurrence
[PB-1409] – Functions to import Child Items from Excel
[PB-395] – Support for Excel import of company information
[DROFUS-42907] – Added function to import both parent company and sub company at the same time from Excel
[PB-1992] – Added an option to send pdf-report in email



[PB-2384] – Improved interface for the user settings
[PB-2119] – Improved Room Property panel with icons and moved function
[PB-2196] – Added warning message saying that IFC properties does not appear unless you select a zone/object
[PB-2013] – Saving the sorting of columns
[PB-2218] – In procurement module, made the Updated Item Specification visible when you open Item from equipment list or Item overview
[PB-2263] – In Revit plugin, improvements to Options Window
[PB-2301] – Possibility to show serial number for item in schedules and lists
[PB-2220] – In Revit, key value gets remove when copying/duplicating families
[PB-1855] – Improved the sort and filter button in the different columns
[PB-1913] – In the Configured Excel Export, added a parameter to include the rooms marked as deleted
[PB-1266] – Function to copy Configured Excel Export
[PB-2092] – In Revit, Improved sync when using Worksharing
[PB-845] – Added functionality to open a dRofus product, system or occurrence in client via a link
[PB-2103] – Added Procurement data fields in Configure Excel Exports
[PB-2089] – Added Contact data in Configure Excel Exports
[PB-1961] – Developed log for functions 
[PB-1386] – Improved Apply Template with option to choose what to overwrite
[PB-1599] – Possibility to import the IFC-attributes for system and components to dRofus
[PB-1260] – Separated the super-user access for BIM attribute configuration
[PB-1861] – In room list, added support to open template from right click on item list
[PB-1292] – Added support to open the web directly from the client
[PB-888] – In Revit, hided some buttons when no admin-access
[PB-748] – Possibility to open the Room Template items directly from Revit by using 'Show in dRofus' button
[PB-1281] – Improvements on Home Screen Summary
[PB-1383] – Styled the Delete button
[PB-1856] – Improved the interface in Finishes list
[PB-1582] – Support to add unit type on the custom Room Measurement fields
[PB-1853] – When clicking in to Document pane, it keep your choice of details from last time
[PB-1451] – In Revit added filter in Planned vs Designed Items
[PB-2330] – Show change list in alphabetic order
[PB-2396] – In ArchiCAD, added "To Zone" parameter in the default configuration on doors
[DROFUS-39910] – Revit and ArchiCAD support side-by-side installation of 3rd part plugins
[DROFUS-41628] – Implemented header detection for Excel import
[DROFUS-41733] – Cleaned up the User Settings window
[DROFUS-42649] – Added description field to Item Groups 
[DROFUS-42954] – Improved log filters when exporting log to Excel 
[DROFUS-41527] – In Revit plug-in, dRofus property pane, visualize better which direction data is synced
[DROFUS-41060] – When read only permission, changed the greyed out fields to be black

As usual several different bugs