New features & Improvements

[PB-2194] – In ArchiCAD Add-on, allowed to use hot linked zones' parameter as the key attribute for comparing
[PB-2300] – When connecting a room to a Room Template, the classification from the Room Template overwrite the classification from the room
[DROFUS-42764] – Removed the invalid swap item options in room template occurrence dialog
[PB-1924] - Room Areas Digits - increase to 999,999
[DROFUS-42094] - Imporoved the translation in the plug-ins
[DROFUS-42290] - Improved performens when adding classification in Item perspective
[DROFUS-41061] – Released new MSI-version
[PB-1973] - Support for more instance-attributes in Revit Attribute Configuration
[PB-2035] - Hide programmed area gross/net factor if department has sub-departments
[PB-1794] – Displaying the username within the Client
[PB-1828] – Added an additional decimal for gross/net factor
[PB-1775] – In for Revit 2018, fixed issues when Revit Syncs and Track changes are on
[PB-1925] – Fixed the saving issue on Room Data for Room Templates
[PB-888] – In Revit, hided some buttons when no admin-access
[PB-1888] – Added the size of the project in the admin page
[PB-1286] – Finishes, Improved icons 
[PB-1507] – Systems, Added function to import systems directly to a system component in dRofus 
[PB-1512] – Rooms, Added new area overview for group types 
[PB-1277] – Room Templates, Added a warning message when changing templates 
[DROFUS-38785] – Rooms, Added Move/Copy function in ribbon
[DROFUS-39096] – Items, Improved performance in the occurrence attribute picker 
[DROFUS-34935] – Rooms, Added new Room Data <-> Item check 
[DROFUS-39417] – Added column-filter on Date/Time 
[DROFUS-39580] – Added "Template occurrences" as data source for excel export 
[PB-1217] – Support for Status Filter on Occurrences/Items RDS Reports 
[PB-150] – Swap Room Template used by room (RDS, equipment) 
[PB-1364] – In Items module, Added the "Show Sub Items" Checkbox 
[PB-1423] – Hide different tabs when the relevant view is not open (documents/images/logs-tabs) 
[PB-28] – Possibility to synchronize RDS fields from Revit and ArchiCAD to dRofus
[PB-96] – Revit possibility to create views of family instance in relation to surrounding and upload to occurrence 
[PB-481] – Reit, Made function a writable dRofus parameter from Revit 
[PB-932] – Room module, Added the Functional location parameter in the Room property panel 
[PB-1364] – “Show Sub Items”- Checkbox in Item in room 
[PB-1448] – Added “Is placed” parameter, to see which rooms that is already linked to a model 
[PB-1461] – Revit, Systems, add possibility to update components in the system by synchronize linked systems 
[PB-1567] – Prompt to update software and dRofus restart when it is a new version 
[PB-1481] – Documents, Possibility to upload unsigned document type, to be assigned later 
[DROFUS-38301] – Room module, Occurrence match for rooms 
[DROFUS-35892] – RDS, Added function to create the long help text description related to tooltip 
[DROFUS-39179] – Improved general scrollbar buttons
[DROFUS-39196] – Improved Property panel, Reloads when it gets keyboard focus 
[PB-1493] – System module, When opening systems, the structure shows system classification structure instead of Item structure 
[PB-1128] – System module, Expose system component as a relation on primary system
[DROFUS-38974] – System/Items Overview, “Quick search” will search in all panels, not only Item panel 
[DROFUS-38065] – Added IFC property panel 
[DROFUS-38071] – Added Area panel in room module 
[DROFUS-38763] – System module, Improved filters
[PB-1490] – Items overview, only show products that is connected to the selected occurrence(s) 
[PB-1491] – Revit plug-in, added family category-filter when import of systems 
[PB-1494] – Revit plug-in, “Import Selected” recognize systems that already exist 
[PB-1545] – Reports and Exports, when creating an custom excel-export, we allow macro enabled excel templates (xlsm + xls) to be uploaded to project reports [PB-1371] – Items overview, option in ribbon or double-click on document to open its properties 
[PB-234] – Added filter function on columns 
[DROFUS-38760] – System module, added closable items list 
[PB-1413] – Added support for ArchiCAD 21 Property manager attributes for Objects 
[PB-391] – Added possibility to hide "Graphical function planner" and "Function program" from the welcome window and "Project" menu 
[PB-1077] – In Items overview, added possibility to manually overwrite running numbers on Items  
[DROFUS-38066] – Improved the 3D viewer navigation: zoom, 2d (floor), spaces only 
[DROFUS-37940] – Revit plug-in, when copy room from linked models, added option to filter rooms/spaces in Main design option 
[PB-452] – Added the new ArchiCAD 20 "Property Manager"- properties in the plug-in "attribute configuration" for Zones 
[PB-1105] – Included gross/net factor data source in excel exports 
[DROFUS-38087] – Improved the performance of new 'Add/Remove' columns. Specially for occurrence
[PB-351] - Support for Door in ArchiCAD plug-in 
[PB-681] - Support for lighting fixtures in ArchiCAD plug-in 
[DROFUS-39510] - Support for Windows in ArchiCAD plug-in 
[DROFUS-39750] - Added link to support webpage from Help menu 
[PB-1068] – Added link to the admin web-site from settings 
[DROFUS-37381] - Added pagination to log panes 
[DROFUS-39710] - Added pagination for occurrence, room and room-templates 
[DROFUS-39885] – Added notification to restart ArchiCAD/Revit when updating 
[PB-1205] – When uploading image from Revit, added more specific label 
[PB-764] - Added spell check to dRofus text fields
[PB-1720] - Expose sum of numeric occurrence datafields on items for time and weight 
[PB-1665] - Hide user logon on home page 
[PB-1647] - Create a table for connection RDS to Item group 
[PB-1456] - Show Item Quantity as Derived when modified from a template 
[PB-1250] - Support for ArchiCad 21 
[PB-1166] - Default views in rooms lists 
[PB-1054] - Created materials in dRofus
[PB-1050] - Possible to clone rooms to be able to make alternative rooms 
[PB-1051] - Merge/delete a cloned room by retaining the right occurrences 
[PB-1033] - Updated all icons in dRofus 
[PB-1029] - Made it clearer which rooms will be imported from Revit when using the import function 
[PB-968] - Improved the tree structure of the add/remove column dialogue 
[PB-967] - Improved "advanced" filter dialog 
[PB-952] - Possibility to create price parameters and hide pricing information for users  
[PB-905] - Possible to define the connections between statues, classification and its permission 
[PB-904] - Made status and classification a permission-giving topic 
[PB-891] - When using sub items, Possibility to show properties of “sub” occurrence on "parent" occurrence. To see which occurrence of the sub that are connected to which occurrence of the “Parent”
[PB-785] - Enable classifications to be shown as filter boxes 
[PB-770] - In Items overview, when an item is selected the related object gets highlight
[PB-694] - Edit Save Searches
[PB-672] - Possibility to open RDS from the occurrence and template occurrences panes 
[PB-640] - In Revit, expose more room information on the occurrence attribute settings 
[PB-619] - Added functionality to open dRofus client from a link (dRofus Web app)
[PB-602] - Classifications for rooms 
[PB-486] - Ability to move occurrences between Item list 
[PB-251] - Ability to set classification to an Item from Revit, from the “Item <-> Family” window 
[PB-25] – Added RDS, Equipment List and Room Template information in Revit Configuration 
[PB-17] – Added room templates data in Excel Export Configuration
[DROFUS-39728] - Support for Element types in Archicad C Support for Doors, Windows, Walls, Curtain Walls, Electrical Equipment, Columns, Beams, Roofs, Morphs, Shells, Skylights, Railings, Stairs)
[DROFUS-39171] – Improved the ICF-Occurrence match pane 
[DROFUS-38278] - Possibility to updated status/classification on occurrences from excel 
[DROFUS-37793] – Now you are allowed adding subs to room that you do not have permission to if you have permission on the main.
[DROFUS-37009] - In the “Family<->Items” window in Revit, support for transferring Family file to dRofus 
[DROFUS-36521] - Improved startup time of all modules
[DROFUS-36315] - Added drop down options for responsibility in "advanced search" 
[DROFUS-36314] - Improved add/remove column pick attributes dialog with tree structure 
[DROFUS-35896] - Improved help text when creating RDS 
[DROFUS-35458] - Moved Views tab to new Right-hand sidebar for all perspectives 
[DROFUS-35864] - Moved the log-view to the Right-hand sidebar together with the other perspectives 
[DROFUS-35453] - Added support to create a new room directly from a template 
[DROFUS-35452] - Possibility to add occurrence from room perspective 
[DROFUS-35451] - Added equipment commands into room perspective and item perspective 
[DROFUS-35428] - Added support for copying equipment list from room into room template 
[DROFUS-35316] – Added a RDS pane in room perspective so it is possible to edit/multiselect edit RDS directly form the room list 
[DROFUS-35306] – Support for adding classification on Room templates 
[DROFUS-35276] – Added document support for Room templates 
[DROFUS-35196] – Added Image support for Room templates 
[DROFUS-35080] – Support for changing setting to the perspectives, without needing to restart the application 
[DROFUS-35043] - Support multiscreen 
[DROFUS-34274] - Create and delete RDS for one or multiple rooms 
[DROFUS-34274] - Possibility to create and delete RDS for one or multiple rooms 
[DROFUS-34268] - Improved the procurement/delivery module layout 
[DROFUS-33916] – Added a toggle-button in toolbar for show/hide deleted rooms 
[DROFUS-33453] - Made it possible to show group info in property pane 
[DROFUS-33398] - Added the log pane for rooms 
[DROFUS-33382] - Added the Room advanced search in navigation pane 
[DROFUS-27769] - Improved the navigation pane 
[DROFUS-27708] - Added functions to connect dRofus Items to Revit Materials 
[DROFUS-27271] - Added the navigation pane to Items and Systems 
[DROFUS-27103] - Improved handling of occurrences/components when deleting a system 
[DROFUS-26664] - New welcome window
[DROFUS-26625] - Improved the setup of columns in System pane 
[DROFUS-24918] - Added products and occurrences pane to company perspective 
[DROFUS-24890] - Improved the Revit sync systems

...and bug fixes