New Features

[DROFUS-33715] - Support for ArchiCAD 20.
[DROFUS-34059] - Update Help Menu in Client
[DROFUS-27745] - Expose parameters of the Door hosts (wall type, fire rating, thickness) in Revit for syncing with dRofus occurrences.
[DROFUS-28898] - Expose more parameters of Window, Door and Wall instances in Revit for syncing with dRofus occurrences.
[DROFUS-29384] - Export, import and update occurrence finishes categories from Excel
[DROFUS-29383] - Export/import/update item classifications from Excel
[DROFUS-29338] - Make IFC properties and IFC Attributes available for syncing with Room parameters in ArchiCAD
[DROFUS-28141] - Make Zone Category, Renovation status and Floor parameters available for syncing with dRofus Room parameters via the Add-On for ArchiCAD
[DROFUS-28829] - Add more unit types and conversions when syncing to Revit
[DROFUS-23753] - Item and occurrence attribute Configuration should be bound to a category or sub-category in Revit
[DROFUS-29959] - Archicad 19 support
[DROFUS-27790] - Sub-item as a parameter on items and occurrences
[DROFUS-29837] - Add "Operasjoner" to the Export "Vedlikeholdsrutiner" in TIDA (Norwegian fix)
[DROFUS-31211] - Add option to revert to "old" value for specification of an Item from the log window
[DROFUS-31614] - Add additional fields to the Delivery module excel export
[DROFUS-31527] - Use multicategory config in Link occurrence dialog in Revit
[DROFUS-31497] - Make children of multiple selected Items + Select "Become Parent" in Items overview
[DROFUS-31495] - Open "new" Item details window from "old" UI
[DROFUS-31459] - Added "Transfer Occurrences" in Items overview
[DROFUS-31362] - Toolbar behavior improvements
[DROFUS-28631] - Users should be able to edit/change tender group from new item properties
[DROFUS-27754] - Copy sub-items when creating a new child of an item
[DROFUS-31495] - Open "new" Item details window from "old" UI
[DROFUS-31672] - Expose prameters (for Revit Category Air Terminals) in config
[DROFUS-31615] - Update order and individuals from Excel
[DROFUS-26339] - Advanced search for Items
[DROFUS-31648] - Improve/finish "filter" for new Items overview
[DROFUS-30943] - Swap on occurrence in new item interface
[DROFUS-31526] - Add context menus to item perspective
[DROFUS-31552] - IFC support like "old" client in new items overview
[DROFUS-32008] - Spanish language and translation
[DROFUS-31690] - Create occurrence<->ifc instances match list
[DROFUS-24891] - Occurrence sync for none-room bound occurrences in Revit plug-in
[DROFUS-32211] - Expose values from sub of subs as subproperties aggregated in client
[DROFUS-30824]-  Improve list pagination
[DROFUS-29380] - Systemfamilies should show in the items in room list in Revit
[DROFUS-32153] - Add Revit 2017 support
[DROFUS-32124] - Occurrence data filter in search for items
[DROFUS-32285] - Sticky search in Items overview
[DROFUS-32444] - Search for a product
[DROFUS-32445] - Add unit price to product + list all when project is selected
[DROFUS-32504] - Ctrl+E Export to Excel Missing
[DROFUS-32505] - Add column for "(has) documents" in product view
[DROFUS-32620] - The Specification pane should be disabled when a Sub-Item is selected.
[DROFUS-32643] - Add product manufacturer field also to offered item in procurement
[DROFUS-32805] - Must be possible to add document to system components
[DROFUS-32243] - [Revit] Reuse the infrastructure from the "Import Systems" module in the "Import non-room based occurrences"
[DROFUS-32872] - Individual report with export of item-related data (type, occurence, etc) to facilitate a more efficient handover at the end of a dRofus project
[DROFUS-33225] - Update/import occurrences with derived equipment lists from Excel
[DROFUS-33058] - Multiple default perspective layouts
[DROFUS-33059] - Items context-menu for showing related views
[DROFUS-33061] - Create a Reports/Export ribbon tab
[DROFUS-33060] - Improve ribbon experience for read only users
[DROFUS-30376] - Log on component and system


[PB-322] - BIM ID is searchable when adding Items in the Finishes Items List
[PB-499] - Increase max. number of characters from 9 to 13 for Numeric Type Fields in DYN GUI
[PB-513] - Office 64 bit Support
[PB-349] - Delete items if there is an occurrence (with warning)
[PB-279] - More dynamic ribbon when working with occurrences
[PB-669] - In ArchiCAD plug-in, the equipment in hidden layers also disappear from `Show model equipment`
[PB-733] - In Revit plug-in, provided an option to show/hide matched items in the Items in Room Window
[DROFUS-33468] - Add object layer parameter in Planned vs designed equipment report in Archicad
[DROFUS-33697] - Remove Bifrost to avoid AntiVirus issues
[DROFUS-32823] - Save custom column setup when assigning finishes to rooms.
[DROFUS-28942] - Add menu option to export reports to XML from the "Items" window
[DROFUS-29624] - Optimize opening of large documents in TIDA
[DROFUS-31518] - Occurrences - labels on dyn gui properties are shown in the wrong position
[DROFUS-32412] - The Model and Comment fields from procurement should be included in items in room excel export
[DROFUS-32610] - Product specification should reflect locked tender spec and not be editable if in tender
[DROFUS-32624] - Change naming from "Classification" to "Document category" when you upload/link documets to Items/Products
[DROFUS-32673] - The top tab does not update from «Views»
[DROFUS-32812] - In "Documents" section: Move node "Uncategorized" to root so it's on the same level as "Document category"
[DROFUS-32814] - Copy sheets function in Excel export
[DROFUS-32640] - Sorting null and empty values simmilar
[DROFUS-32803] - Product visibility for products in tender
[DROFUS-32809] - Item images must be clearly marked so they are not mistaken for product images
[DROFUS-32810] - Add description text in "Image" pane that explains what you have selected
[DROFUS-32811] - Add option for "Add image" in toolbar for Items
[DROFUS-32815] - Create setting to change label on Regitration No on individuals in procurement module
[DROFUS-31869] - Make file download support multiple files (and download to a directory)
[DROFUS-32813] - Add column for #products for occurrences of Item
[DROFUS-32873] - Linked model spaces - from spaces
[DROFUS-32900] - Make file upload support multiple files
[DROFUS-32333] - Øke bredden på søkefelt (TIDA) (Norwegian fix)
[DROFUS-32874] - Multi Level Function Name Mapping in Revit Area Parameters
[DROFUS-33013] - Improve quick search work flow for product and items
[DROFUS-33057] - Sub item properties in dialog
[DROFUS-33079] - Show pictures and document tab in the ArticleWindow
[DROFUS-33090] - Not possible to export RDS-template to Excel.
[DROFUS-33091] - Add status bar for syncronizing item - Families in Revit
[DROFUS-33133] - Expose occurrence "priority" in the "Items in level" report in Revit plug-in
[DROFUS-33226] - Change List missing Deleted Rooms
[DROFUS-33227] - Search tab within Items-in-Room window
[DROFUS-33228] - Function Structure Administation Sort Order By Number
[DROFUS-33241] - Copy fuknsjon i TIDA er "farlig"
[DROFUS-33319] - Add description to classifications
[DROFUS-33326] - Hide empty groups when item view filter is applied
[DROFUS-33340] - ToolBar CanExecute is not done on background thread anymore
[DROFUS-33319] - Add description to classifications
[DROFUS-33350] - Improve help text for complex values in new Excel exporter
[DROFUS-33389] - When opened from subs list, button can execute checks in images + docs tabs in article dialog works on the selected articles's images/docs, not those of the sub item
[DROFUS-33089] - Import system includes items in system
[DROFUS-33387] - When creating a new product - supplier and manufacturer should be in the "new" dialog
[DROFUS-33443] - Put images and documents tabs lasts in article dialog
[DROFUS-32967] - Show in list status bar that the list is loading
[DROFUS-33423] - Improve Excel and Office integration
[DROFUS-33365] - None visible pane should not load data to improve performance
[DROFUS-33367] - Improve performance when selecting items


And bug fixes