New Features

[DROFUS-27911] - Allow installing dRofus Add-On on French and other non-English versions of ArchiCAD (ArchiCAD Addin)
[DROFUS-25442] - ArchiCAD 18 support (ArchiCAD Addin)
[DROFUS-28140] - Type, From/To Room parameters are now available as instance parameters syncable to dRofus in Revit (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-28051] - Item data available as instance parameters in Revit (Revit Plugin)

[DROFUS-27736] - Syncronize door to/door from parameters to occurence data (Revit Plugin)
It is relevant to see both the "door too" and "door from" parameters in a door schedule reported from dRofus     

[DROFUS-27638] - Put "[Copy] Linked model rooms" and "[Copy] Linked model spaces" directly on the toolbar in a drop down button (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-27637] - Delete superfluous rooms during copy rooms from linked model (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-27615] - Copy all attributes from linked models which is in the current configuration (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-27451] - Problems with copy/update rooms from linked model in Revit 2015 fixed (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-27130] - Update equipment in template when room equipment list is connected to template (Revit Plugin)

[DROFUS-25757] - Use Revits To/From room for doors to identify room in dRofus (To if set, else From) (Revit Plugin)
Currently an occurrence in dRofus can only be in one room. But in order to allow the user to control what room a door should be in in dRofus we now read these parameters from Revit.             

[DROFUS-25691] - Select all and Deselect all in import room from Revit (Revit Plugin)

[DROFUS-25186] - Create spaces from rooms in linked models in Revit (Revit Plugin)
"MEP consultants had an issue when they linked in the Architectural file and created spaces by autoplace, and thereafter used ""space naming utility"" or similar to get numbers and names. The autoplace function filled all ""empty"" areas with spaces and Revit identified the numbering in use. I.e. in some cases Revit created spaces with numbers similar to the key attribute and this resulted in duplicates etc.With this new feature dRofus can create spaces from linked files (like we have done with create rooms from linked files), this would ensure a much better workflow and robust data exchange for MEP spaces."             

[DROFUS-24494] - Automatic IFC upload to dRofus model server from the Revit plug-in (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-23135] - Image import from Revit families to dRofus items (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-20720] - Enable "FF&E in level/model" for MEP spaces (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-15259] - Transfer wall area from Revit (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-18134] - Copy subs items and children when copying an item
[DROFUS-28191] - Revit 2016 support (Revit Plugin) 
[DROFUS-28189] - Support for French language
[DROFUS-28061] - Terminology change: "FF&E" Will be replaced with "Item"                        
[DROFUS-27824] - Change RDS/Equipment status for multiple rooms with the same status
[DROFUS-27690] - Add "Last changed" to Equipment excel export
[DROFUS-27590] - Function Program as an Excel export                    
[DROFUS-27256] - Add text search (contains etc.) for combo box fields in "advanced" search in room and items list                   

[DROFUS-26247]  - Added support for "Move occurrence" from one room to another
Fixed so all occurrence data will follow when occurrences are moved between rooms

[DROFUS-26057] - Excel import for Finishes to rooms and room templates
[DROFUS-30123] - Show flag no and group no in dyn gui editor
[DROFUS-30113] - Excel export exception messages are not properly displayed to the user
[DROFUS-29988] - Possibility to change name on item templates with read access for rooms
[DROFUS-29959] - Archicad 19 support
[DROFUS-32153] - Add Revit 2017 support
[DROFUS-32412] - The Model and Comment fields from procurement should be included in items in room excel export (old)           


[DROFUS-27410] - Bug in Revit 2015 prevents moving rooms to a different location when copying rooms from linked model in Revit (Revit Plugin)
A bug in the API resulted in problems when copying rooms from linked models that had changed position in the linked model. If it is Revit 2015 and the user has to move the room. We should instead give the user an option to a) Skip this room, b) delete and copy a new room.

[DROFUS-27073] - Improvements to the FF&E<->Family window (Revit Plugin)
1. Sort the columns of linked items
2. Add available columns with a right click
3. Search functionality in the Revit unlink items
4. Export linked FF&E items to Excel

[DROFUS-26968] - "Update dRofus" in the "FF&E in Model" dialog will respect the discrepancy filter. (Revit Plugin)

[DROFUS-25984] - Improved the of linking and synchronizing data of instances in the "Equipment in Room" dialog (Revit Plugin)
Improvements done:
- Added two options to ""automatically"" resolve two common problems when syncing data: ""Auto match"" if multiple occurrences and multiple instances, but do not care which instances are linked to which occurrences. And ""Auto split"" to split an occurrence if it is linked/matched to instances that are pushing different values into dRofus (e.g. split if two different colors on items linked to the same occurrence in dRofus).
- Simplified error message and hits to options if it is something that can be resolved by setting an option.
- When selecting an linked occurrence or instances in the equipment in room dialog - the instance(s) are selected in Revit"

[DROFUS-25556] - Sort list in autolink FF&E window in alphabetical order (Revit Plugin)
[DROFUS-27200] - Multiple improvements in RDS <-> FF&E rule check window
[DROFUS-27905] - Improved danish language
[DROFUS-27710] - Extend code length on equipment and RDS templates
[DROFUS-27675] - .Net framework issue resolved
[DROFUS-27572] - Improvements to the "Equipment in room" Excel regarding Alternatives and Sub-components from the Procurement module
[DROFUS-27201] - Show note icon in equipment templates
[DROFUS-26603] - Improvements to room logs on Deleted rooms
[DROFUS-26074] - Create project reports with read access is now allowed                              

And bug fixes