New Features

[PB-1250] - ArchiCAD 21 Support
[PB-960] - Revit 2018 Support 
[PB-111] - Ability to Copy RDS View Filters 
[PB-251] - In Revit plug-in, Ability to set classification to an item in the Item <-> Family window 
[DROFUS-35879] - In Revit plug-in, it is now possible to load/save system families


[PB-891] - In Items-overview, possibility to show properties for the ‘main’ or ‘sub’ of an occurrence.
So, now it is possible to know which ‘sub’ occurrence that are belongs to which ‘main’ occurrence, and the other way around 
[PB-974] - When deleting Item with ‘Children’ you now get a warning message  
[PB-275] - Improved the user-restriction on RDS-fields if handle data by excel import or copy between rooms 
[PB-791] - In Systems, ability to add multiple occurrences to an existing system 
[PB-847] - Users with limited rooms rights is now able to update Rooms and Room Templates RDS from Excel
[PB-692] - In Items Overview - Images pane, included a numbering sequence to show the order of the Images
[PB-1209] - In Items Overview – Improved performance generally 
[DROFUS-33403] - In Revit plugin, support for syncing dRofus Item parameters introduced in the latest version of the client.
[DROFUS-35442] - Add responsibility to occurrences
[DROFUS-35733] - Added responsibility to product
[PB-1334] – Revit, Ability to import rooms leaving the room name empty in dRofus if roomnamelist is locked
[PB-1307] – Log, Made the Change list field wider to see long Change list names
[PB-1061] – Function program module, Improved the note, so it is easier to expend the field to see long notes
[PB-347] – In the RDS PDF Reports, Included the Change Lists under the Log section
[PB-1793] – Improved the performance when selecting "Item" within the Log Window



And bug fixes