New features

[PB-960] - Revit 2018 Support
[PB-621] - Added support for status on Items, Occurrences and Products
This makes it easier to follow up the delivery of documentation, information and other work processes around Items, Occurrences and Products
[PB-569] - Added a due date to the statuses
[PB-614] - Status included in PDF reports
[PB-093] - Excel import of products
[PB-557] - In all text fields for Items, occurrences, products and systems, hypertext link is now available
Start a hyperlink by writing "http(s)://" and you got it
[PB-935] - Support for setting for 'separator' in item classification number
[PB-880] - Expose Number on subs used in "subs as properties" in Revit/AC and client
[PB-392] - Support for change lists in Revit and ArchiCAD
[PB-342] - Logging for products
[PB-994] - In Items overview, it is now possible to specify starting number for Item Auto-number
[DROFUS-33715] - Support for ArchiCAD 20
[DROFUS-33351] - Added support for images on products and occurrences
[DROFUS-34241] - In Item overview, ability to set change list/log note
In Item overview we have added a new tab called: "log" here you can set the "change list/log note" and open the log
[DROFUS-34635] - In Items overview, added support for composite text for Item, Occurrence & Product
Here you can put together multiple dRofus attributes/parameters to one. This new feature together with the hyperlink feature opens an ocean off new possibilities, where you can for instance link to documentation etc. 
[DROFUS-34059] - Update Help Menu in Client


[PB-460] - Revit System import, now include everything
I.e the non-family based connecting equipment
[PB-478] – In the Revit plug-in, added the “Room ceiling/-floor tolerance” 
To include families above or under the room/space
[PB-281] - In Items overview, ability to copy product to other items
[PB-587] - in Items overview, Support for splitting occurrence, only using occurrence id
[PB-530] - In Items overview, Transfer Occurrences now refresh occurrence list
[PB-422] - In Items overview, Possible to copy Items Specification
[PB-844] - Occurrence in procurement can now be updated via excel import
[PB-277] - The Excel export of Items, change the "only used" to a choice "used in room", "used in templates" or "both"
[PB-246] – The Excel export of Items, the status "Derived" are added
[PB-322] - In Finishes items list, BIM ID is searchable when adding items/finishes
[PB-499] - In Admin DYN GUI settings, Increase max. number of characters from 9 to 13
[PB-513] - Office 64 bit Support
[PB-349] - Posible to delete items with occurrences (You get warning and option to undo)
[PB-279] - More dynamic ribbon when working with occurrences
[PB-669] - In ArchiCAD plug-in, the equipment in hidden layers also disappear from `Show model equipment`
[PB-733] - In Revit plug-in, provided an option to show/hide matched items in the Items in Room Window
[PB-832] - Support for setting for number of characters default for new systems for a system component
[PB-479] - Show BIMID in "Room Equipment List" dialog box in Revit Plugin
[PB-439] - Include "Reference" as a Field That Contains Part of the Query in the Quick Search for Items
[PB-363] - Add "Occurrences in template" as an column option in "Add/remove columns" in the items pane
[PB-885] - In Revit plug-in, if roomname is locked in dRofus, Revit is not allowed to add new roomname to present list of names in dRofus
[PB-462] - In System/Items overview, all occurrences now get a number based upon either classification or item number
[PB-226] - Excel exporter: Sort excel export after the first 3 selected attributes
[PB-855] - In Revit plug-in, expose detail items in Items in room/level
[DROFUS-37511] - In Revit plug-in, improve speed when opening the "Systems" window
[DROFUS-37210] - In Revit plug-in, expose the walls parameter "Function" to be synchronized
[DROFUS-34385] - In Revit configuration, expose the wall sweeps 
[DROFUS-34412] - IFC room and occurrence matching improvements
[DROFUS-34435] - In procurement module, possible to show combination of Room name and Room description
[DROFUS-34188] - In the Revit plug-in, we now update which room the occurrence appears in when syncing the items/occurrence
[DROFUS-34059] - Help Menu in client updated
[DROFUS-33468] - Add object layer parameter in Planned vs designed equipment report in Archicad
[DROFUS-32823] - Save custom column setup when assigning finishes to rooms.
[DROFUS-33697] - Remove Bifrost to avoid AntiVirus issues
[DROFUS-35049] - Items in room: Split occurence added
[DROFUS-34242] - Update occurrences from Excel (with occurrence id) now updates occurrences not in room

And bug fixes