Webinar: Demystifying COBie


What really is COBie, how is it being used and what does it mean to deliver it? More importantly, how much will it cost me?

These are just some of the questions teams are asking as more and more building owners are starting to adopt BIM standards and require data deliverables at handover. Increased pressure is put on design and construction teams to manage data deliverables, many times in a COBie format.

In this webinar David Spehar will address the who’s, what’s, why’s and how’s around capturing, managing and ultimately delivering COBie. He’ll explain the importance of understanding the building owner’s needs for capturing data to ensure teams efficiently collaborate to meet requirements with minimal waste and rework. Finally, he will talk about using dRofus to manage the COBie data in a collaborative platform and how it can be used to provide a true COBie-compliant BIM deliverable – not just a COBie spreadsheet.

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About the speaker

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David Spehar has over 27 years of industry experience and has been a registered architect since 1994. He was an early adopter of BIM and has been an advocate since 2003. David joined dRofus in 2017 as a Client Solutions Manager and is responsible for assisting clients with successful adoption of dRofus as part of a BIM workflow. In addition to his experience as a design technology leader, David has a strong background in architectural project management. He was a project manager for over 12 years before shifting his focus to implementing design technologies. David has regularly presented at various conferences including Autodesk University, BiLT, CanBIM and the BIMForum.